A Bread and Butter Worthy Jam

So you chuck some bread in the toaster, it comes out and it is quickly smothered in butter as soon as it comes out so that it will melt in like a dream (well that’s what i do), then, the next decision… what to put on top of that beautifully melted and fragrant butter and bread? (although it does taste amazing just bread and butter too)
apricot jam? strawberry jam? nah, had that to many times.. vegimite? nah, not feeling like it… fig preserve, not in the mood…
what to do in these situations?? Well, it’s definitely not a time to fall for your second best option,
so do i have a fresh, bread and butter worthy jam for you! It’s even great eaten by the teaspoonful (im afraid to admit)

this delightful recipe was discovered after being made in food tech class last week, and i couldn’t wait to share it!


2 granny smith apples
300g frozen berries
2 1/2 cups sugar
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1/4 water

1. Clean jars in hot soapy water.
2. Place in an oven at 100C upside down on a tray in order to sterilize them
3. Peel and dice apples (or peel and slice on apple and grate the other to allow the apple juices come out more). Make sure the diced apple are small and of the same size, so they will cook at the same rate as well as improving the finished look of the jam.
4. Place diced apple in a large saucepan with berries and water and cook until apple and berries are soft – the mixture should be gently simmered or you will lose to much water
5. Measure the amount of fruit mixture in a jug or cup. Then measure the same amount of sugar and add to the fruit mixture back in the saucepan, with the lemon juice. Stir on a low heat until sugar is dissolved.
6. Bring to the boil and cook until the jam gels when tested (this is when you place a small amount of the jam on a cool metal plate and leave in the fridge for around a minute, then once removed from the fridge, using your finger gently push the mixture to a side and if small wrinkled appear then it is ready). The jam should be at a roiling boil. Stir as little as possible but be sure to scrape the bottom of the saucepan to ensure the jam does not stick and burn
6. Place the hot jam in the hot jars using a ladle/jug/funnel. Put lids on jars and leave to set


Now all you have to do (if you want) is cut out some nice material to cover the lid and decorate your own label! (don’t forget to date the label of when you made it) and let the jam fun begin!

This jam is simple, and you may have all these ingredients at home with you now, ready to whip up and eat!

The freshness of the apple breaks through the intense sweetness of the berries and makes this a perfect jam for any situation!
Perfect for the upcoming cool months but even great for a fresh summer jam!

P.S. Enjoy the thrill cooking brings, the taste the food creates and the voyage the meal takes you on


11 thoughts on “A Bread and Butter Worthy Jam

  1. thankyou! it really is quite the treat 🙂
    loved your most recent post! i accidently commented four times because i didn’t think it worked, owell, the you deserve it! 🙂 Happy Baking my friend!

  2. The mix of fruit in this jam does make for a great pairing. My niece is always making jam, so I will be passing this recipe to her, with her promise that she will give me some. Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

    • great idea! let me know what she thinks 🙂
      hope you enjoy it!
      thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂
      have a great week!

    • thanks! i never made jam before this too, luckily it worked 🙂 it wasn’t so bad after all 🙂

      looking forward to checking out your new crafty creations 🙂

  3. This sounds lovely!!! I try to avoid the usual grape and strawberry jams…and much prefer something unique and wonderful like your apple berry combo. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. aaaah I see you are a jam person too…. AND you sterilize the jars in the oven at 100 degrees like I do (but I also put in some boiling water from the kettle). I will give your recipe a try, what kind of berries do you recommend? 🙂

    • yes, definitely! – once you home make it you can never go back 🙂
      -thanks for the tip! – will do that next time 🙂
      -sounds good! i used frozen mixed berries, it would also taste nice with just raspberries – up to you – let me know how it all goes! 🙂

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