Ma sœur voyage en France – My sister’s trip to France

Croissant. Fromage. Baguette. Tour Eiffel. Louvre.

(excuse my french – thank-you google translator!)
Yes, this can only mean one thing… FRANCE – The city AND country of love is once again in our visible midst (in terms of pictures – sadly not in our presence) So, around 2 years ago my sister was lucky enough to venture to the country – France experiencing the countries beauty, cuisine, and culture.
Ohhhh how jealous we all were back home receiving emails describing the humble country side (going horse riding through it may i mention!) and the lights of Paris. So, that’s enough blabbing from me – it’s time to let the pictures do the talking!!

Au revoir mes amis!!

{Medieval Town in the South of France}

{Arc de Triomphe – Paris}





{Tour Eiffel – Paris}




{Tour Eiffel}


Hope you enjoyed the photos!
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Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Ma sœur voyage en France – My sister’s trip to France

    • thanks chlo! 🙂

      ahh yes, we are always reminded of those fond memories!! and yeahh – that gal has a good eye with the camera!

      thanks for stopping by 🙂

  1. I love Paris. Lucky enough to visit last year with my daughter and sister Znd niece. Ate so many croque monsieurs – they were so good. Love the black and white phot of the Eiffel Tower. Beautiful. X

    • that would’ve been so much fun!! i can imagine – all the amazing food – would’ve been a ball!
      thank-you very much 🙂 and thanks for stopping by Aoife!

    • yeah – cheese!! i bet it would’ve been soo good over there to bad my sister doesn’t like cheese haha
      she sure did and same here! can’t wait to travel all around the world 🙂

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