Bits & Bobs

So every now and then we come across something that catches our eye, or something that we hold a special bond to, or sometimes even something that we’ve been on the hunt for, for a very long time.
‘Bits & Bobs’ is the beginning of an exciting series of bits and pieces (or places and people) that have got me smiling, and I can’t seem to hold it in and must share with you all out there 🙂

{Bold coloured bowls from Witchery– place a candle on the inside and watch the these bright coloured bowls begin to glow}

{Personalized snow globe from Sportsgirl – Getting into the festive season – “Dreaming of a white Christmas” in New York}

{Venetian Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers – from My Trip to Italy – bringing bright summer colours and a dash of Italy into home}

{Vintage Tins – from markets are a perfect way to store jewelry, spare change, or even use as your sewing tin – so versatile and adds lovely character and a rustic appearance}

{Anzac Biscuits (best ones ever might I add too! – recipe here)- My sister and I both knew out Maths exam was going to be a massive flop, so we got a bet going that whoever did worst had to bake the other person something they wanted – naturally she did better so I requested the ever yummy Anzac Biscuits – worth every bite}

Enjoy!! Have a great weekend!:)

19 thoughts on “Bits & Bobs

      • they are aren’t they! 🙂
        i haven’t added salt and pepper to them afraid of them deteriorating – they just sit happily on the bench looking pretty, with the colours dancing when the sun hits them 🙂
        well if your ever in Venice – keep your eyes open for them!!
        and thanks for stopping by 🙂

  1. I love the snow globes! My favorite are those salt and pepper shakers!! So beautiful. Anzac biscuits = delicious!!

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