Revisting Christmas – Pinecone picking

Pine cone Forest PathwayEvery winter, as I’m sure you can all relate, lighting up the fire is one of the most well awaited tasks of the season. (Along with all the delicious comfort food – puddings, roasts … ahh don’t get me started!). That well welcomed scent of the fire burning away, warming the cockles of yer heart!
Every Summer we always look forward to all hopping into the car along with our gloves and strong garbage bags and go Pine Cone Picking! The pine smell wafted throughout the collection period, bringing back the beloved Christmasy aroma – it felt like Christmas hadn’t even left yet! I still have Christmas carols in my head!
We hopefully bagged a big enough collection to last us a winter worth of fires (although really here in Australia our Winters aren’t that bad). It’s so much fun to throw those bad boys into the fire and hear them snap, crackle and pop – 10 times better than fire starting wood and newspaper I tell you!

So, once more, here is another Summer post with photos of the adventures we have gone on and showing you pictures of some of my favourite places in the world!
So sit back and enjoy! 🙂
Pine Treesblack and white treesall colours of pine cones Bunch of Pine ConesThanks for stopping by!
And hope you have all had a great start to the year 🙂


14 thoughts on “Revisting Christmas – Pinecone picking

  1. We should have been wise enough to collect pinecones well in advance of December! By the time I’d even started thinking of them there was 2 feet of snow outside and all the craft store pinecones were sold out. Lovely post… will follow your lead this year 😉

    • thank-you! 🙂
      The add such a lovely aroma – can’t get enough!
      2 feet of snow sounds so amazing! what a beautiful winter wonderland! 🙂
      Happy New Year again!

  2. What an awesome idea! And we just ran out of kindling – perfect timing! Here on Vancouver Island we don’t get much snow but winter is damp which makes what seem like mild temperatures feel much colder than they are. Our wood stove is going constantly!

    • thank-you! They are so perfect to throw in the fire on the cold cosy days 🙂
      That’s to bad you don’t get much snow – snow is so fun! 🙂
      Hope winter is treating you well and Happy New Year! 😀

  3. Apparently bunnies love pinecones. I should see if Flatpac enjoys them. I love the fire at my grandparents place. It is the most comforting thing in Winter. Hope you don’t end up with 43C tomorrow where you are!

    • That’s so cute if Flatpac does! 🙂
      It is the most comforting thing in winter! – so nice and cosy to curl up by 🙂
      We have had hot weather but weirdly this morning it started raining – such unpredictable weather! haha
      Hope you’re having a happy new year!

  4. I love using the pinecones and spreading them with peanut butter and birdseed for the birds! I can get huge pinecones at my friends house. We have pine trees here but, the cones are still small. Cute, but small 🙂 Great pictures too!

    • That’s such a great idea!! i bet the birds love your house 🙂
      Cute – love the small ones – they are just too cute!
      and thank-you! 😀

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