Bits & Bobs – Summer Lovin’

As the beginning of the year is upon us we find ourselves baring new gifts, looking for new inspiration, exploring new ideas and trying to keep up new resolutions.
So far 2013 has failed to disappoint with so many new fab things that continue to catch my attention and create new spurrings in that wee little head of mine.
Such as…..
orange statement scarf
{Statement Scarfs – my sister found this at an Opportunity Shop and it was instantly love – this Winter and even Summer staple is perfect for topping off that outfit to really make it sing}

Italian 2013 Calendar {This Italian 2013 Calender can finally be put to use after being bought at a market in Florence, Italy – with vintage posters of various cities in Italy wonderfully marking each month}

ukuleles - smiley face & retro{As a purely awesome Christmas present from our Dad to my sister and I, these cute smiley face and retro ukuleles are seriously so much fun to play – as well as encouraging our musical side! Teaching ourselves “I’m Yours” – Jason Mraz, and next on the list is “Over the Rainbow” – Israel KamakawiwoOle – get excited! They can be purchased here}

kitchen blow torch{Kitchen Blow Torches have been on my wish list for such a long time – and to finally receive one as a gift was only too exciting! Now I can make Creme Brulees and Toasted Meringue – you name it! I’m always going to find a use for this baby! An investment really… Mine was purchased from a hardware store, but you can also buy them here}

shell storage{Shell Storage – after spending a quite a few days at the beach your are guaranteed to come across some eye catching shells, and me myself and I can’t help it but start to collect these beautiful creations of nature – and after purchasing this simple jar from the Opportunity Shop I was able to begin to fill it – to always have a piece of the beach}

Thanks for stopping by and reading another installment of the
‘Bits & Bobs’ series, which is of bits and pieces (or places and people) that have got me smiling, and I can’t seem to hold it in and must share with you all out there :)

Hope you’re all having a great week!
Until next time



19 thoughts on “Bits & Bobs – Summer Lovin’

  1. The scarf is right up my alley, I love scarfs!! Those ukuleles are adorable!! Glad you got your torch too, can’t wait to see what wonderful things you do with it!

    • isn’t it great! i love the bright orange 🙂
      they are aren’t they! so cute 🙂
      yeah – i was so excited about the torch – i’m looking forward to sharing ! 🙂
      thank-you for your lovely comments! 😀

    • Thanks Jeanette! I’m very excited with my sumer bits and bobs 😛
      you have a uke too! that’s awesome! what songs do you like to play?

      • Lots of stuff – I’ve just come in from a club night at our local group (I’ve ended up becoming their webmaster, so have a nose round our site – details in my signature block – if you fancy some links to on-line lessons,, tips, songbooks, YouTubes etc).

        I’m not especially good yet, so it’s mainly chords rather than fingerpicking but find it’s great fun.

        I mainly wanted to play Beatles numbers when I first got the uke & enjoyed hunting out old pop tunes I knew from various sites. The Sheep Entertainment site is great, as it has playalongs with old Top Of The Pops on! I joined PLUC & we play a huge range of stutff,:50s, 60s, 70s, 80s; & then dating right back to old Tin Pan Alley numbers, some classical & other instrumentals too, so always a fun mix of what people bring in,


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