The Perfect Little Touch – DIY Patty Pans

lemon and raspberry muffins in DIY patty pansIt’s like the cherry on top, the dusted icing sugar on the cake and the hot jam oozing out of fresh doughnuts – it’s the finishing touches on these desserts that make them that little bit more special. That’s why these DIY Patty Pans are the perfect little touch to your homemade cupcake or muffin creations. These pantry staples are perfect to suit any occasion, flavor or theme!
These easy to make beauties allow your special cupcakes or muffins flavor and deliciousness to not only be tasted from the inside but look amazing on the outside! With your own customizable patty pan pattern!
Seriously – get excited my friends! – these are so easy, quick and make your sweets look super dooper pretty (or elegant or vintage or … whatever! – all depends on the wrapping you choose!)

So… let’s get ready to rumbbble!!


You Will Need:
-pattern paper
-patty pan size glass or cup
-twine (optional)
-baking paper

1. Select some patterns to use for your patty pans
Patty Pan Wrapping Patterns2. Make the paper square (if it’s not already) by folding diagonally and cutting off the excess
cutting perfect squares
3. Place the glass/cup in the middle of the paper and roughly fold around it
DIY patty pans

4. If you would like you can tie twine around the patty pan (they hold much better) – up to you! DIY Patty Pans with string5. Pull the glass/cup out and bobs your uncle! Here you have your patty pans!DIY Patty Pans Now your ready to make your muffins/cupcakes! DIY Patty Pans 6. Whip up a batch of your favorite treats or you could use the Mango, White Chocolate and Coconut Muffin Recipe from a previous post or use the Muffins below, which are Lemon and Raspberry – simply use the recipe from above and replace the mango with raspberries, and add 2 lemons worth of juice and 1 tablespoon of lemon rind (and you can keep the white chocolate chips – they really make it!)
*NOTE: before you place the batter into the patty pans, line the casings with some baking paper so grease splodges don’t appear on your patty pans
Muffin Wet IngredientsLemon and Raspberry Muffin Mixturefilling muffin DIY Patty PansLemon and Raspberry Muffins DIY Patty PansHave fun with these DIY Patty Pans – allow your creative juices to flow!!

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26 thoughts on “The Perfect Little Touch – DIY Patty Pans

  1. Brilliant idea … this is just a must for me – how pretty for the balcony in the summer and a picnic … love the smell of the muffins too. Thanks a million.

  2. I am on Pinterest and haven’t seen anything like these. They are so cute, I love the idea! Thank you for sharing and making it look so simple 🙂

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