Bad Hair Day? – How to: FISHTAIL BRAID

Hair is such a temperamental thing… not going to lie, sometimes I seriously suspect it to have a mind of its own…

One day – “hey! lets add double the volume just for fun!” it says
Next day – “let’s make that favourite cow lick on top of your head stand almost upright!”
Another day – “I wonder what it’s like to look like medusa – let’s try it out!”

I’ve tried the creams, the products, even hats! But can never seem to stop nature’s practical joke…

BUT, there is one thing… *lean in* that I can almost guarantee your hair will not see coming….

Yes, that’s right, the humble braid is a saviour!
But, there’s only so many times we can redo the pigtails or that pony braid updo
So there’s something easy we can do to shake up the old plait… Let me introduce you to the…

FISHTAIL BRAID: which you can perfect from just a few simple steps!

How to Fishtail Braid

1. Pull your hair over your shoulder (or you can do a braid down the back if you want!) and split your hair in two
fishtail braid

2. Take a small amount of hair from the outer edge of one of the bunches and bring it over and join it with the other bunch of hair (of course the smaller the clusters of hair you bring over the more detailed the fish tail braid will be)

fishtail braid3. Do the same with the other bunch of hair; taking a small amount of hair from the outer edge of the other bunch and bring it over so it joins the other half of hair. Keeping it tight for a neater braid.fishtail braid

4. Repeat steps 1-2 until you have a fish like tail and tie!
As the braid gets longer be sure to hold onto both bunches tight, so it all doesn’t fall out and stays nice and neat.
fishtail braid

DIY fishtail braidDone and done!

Now with this new hair trick up your sleeve, let’s take control of our hair and braid it like a fishtail! No more crazy hair days!

Quick and effective – have fun!

Have you got any other hair dos that save you from that bad hair day?



34 thoughts on “Bad Hair Day? – How to: FISHTAIL BRAID

    • haha rain is not a hairs best friend – a whole lot of hat wearing and braids i bet! 😛
      it is a bit hard – i feel like a need a third arm to make it perfect 😛

  1. That was ages ago .. I had fishtail … that was when I was young and beautiful .. now ???????? Life is comfort so short hair those day, but it’s an easy and great way for long hair. Wish you a great weekend.

    • short hair would be very convenient and easy to manage! 🙂
      yeah – perfect for longer hair – a little twist on the normal braid!
      hope you have a wonderful weekend as well! 😀

      • You have a fantastic hair … thick and healthy looking.
        When I cut my hair short after 30 year of long hair, it was a massive stop and I went to one of Londons top hairdressers – cost me an arm and a leg .. and it didn’t make any different to my mental status … but I like my short hair today.

    • thanks chlo and sarah! 😀
      braids is one favourite strategy that i always rely on (as you guys know :P) – cuts the fuzz like a charm!

  2. I’ve actually never done a fishtail braid. French braids, yes, but fishtails… I’ve failed dismally!! Thanks for the tutorial, I’ll give it another try! And yep… I relate to the bad hair day. Though my hair, being fine, seems to reduce volume by half rather than the other way around… not sure what’s worse! x

    • thanks! hope this time the braid works out for you – fingers crossed! 🙂 I’ll be rooting for you! 😛
      fine hair would be easier to work with i assume? I am a boofy hair victim, the only time i can brush it is before the shower, when no one will see it – i look like hermione from harry potter! haha x

  3. I haven’t done that in years. My Aunt taught me when I was a teenager. What fun memories! It is a pretty braid too, I will have to try it again come summer 🙂

    • what a walk down memory lane! 🙂
      yes – perfect for summer! way to get hair of your face in a pretty way! 🙂

  4. I’m so happy you posted this! I’ve always wanted to learn how to do a fishtail braid and the step by step pictures you posted are great. I do have layers but I’m going to try it anyway 🙂

  5. Ah great stuff, I love a fishtail braid – it’s my go-to style when I straighten my hair (usually its far too curly to fishtail!) I sometimes even have fishtail-pigtails (an animal conundrum there!) and am always amazed at how many people comment on them and want to know how to do it. Great tutorial!

    • thank-you!! 🙂
      it is a fab go to style – i nice twist from the norm braid 🙂
      fishtail pigtails – good idea! – must do that sometime!
      thank-you for the lovely comment! 😀

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