Musings À La Mode: Black & White

This is the beginning of a exciting new series, ‘Musing À La Mode’, full of the fashion trends and the inspirations they spark so we are able to DIY own trendy clothing, and rock it without breaking the bank.

If there’s one great song by the King of Pop (AKA Michael Jackson, only one of the greatest artists of all time!) that ever existed, for me it would have to be…

*drum roll please*

Yes, the legendary: “Black & White”.

There’s something about that boppy tune, awesome guitar chords, message of equality, and that laughable opening dialogue that I can continually listen (maybe do a little dance…) too, without getting sick of!

You can bet my happiness to be greeted by the now trend, (well I guess it is pretty obvious now…); BLACK & WHITE

Get ready to flaunt these new outfit inspirations, to the likeness of the Kind of Pop.

The fab thing about this trend, is how complementary it can be on anyones figure, as well as the neutral shades enabling you to splurge on colourful accessories if you want! Also, with black & white almost being a wardrobe staple, you (yes you), yourself at home can easily whip up a ready to go, diverse black & white outfit to suit any occasion.

Did I mention black & white is perfect to go with anything, anywhere?

Get psyched! This is a foolproof trend that can go from chic to casual – have fun with it!
black and white trend black and white trend black and white trend black and white trendblack and white trend black and white trend black and white trend
Black & White… hmm… I’m thinking DIY houndstooth mini skirt (stay tuned!), who’s with me?



25 thoughts on “Musings À La Mode: Black & White

  1. Not a fan of black and white, maybe I told you that before … too bold and harsh for me personal … but I quite like the first striped dress and I like because the stripes goes the right way for once. Truly stunning dress. And I really really like the striped trousers and blouse. I love strips – and I think both would be amazing in navy and white … maybe not the dress … think it has to stay black and white.
    Thanks for a fantastic post .. really enjoyed it.

    • thank-you viveka! 😀
      yes i agree – the downwards stripes are very complementing!
      oo yes! i like the way you think! navy and white – big love! 🙂

      • Yes, I love navy and white … and strips, and even if I’m a big girl .. I wear them, but I wish they went the other way … like on your photos. Love that dress and trousers.

      • you’d think they’d do more vertically striped clothing than horizontal as it is so much more complementing that way.. – but they’ve hit the nail on the head with that dress! 🙂
        i’m glad you like them! 🙂
        and thank-you for your lovely comments!

  2. My closet is full of black. I think adding some white to it might just do the trick. Plus it gives me the excuse to get some new clothes! Or DIY if I have time…

    • yay! any excuse for shopping! 🙂
      and white is such a wonderful classic to always have at hand! 🙂

    • they are great looks aren’t they! 🙂
      yessss – polka dots! I think you’ll be pleased to know then that polka dots are another trend on the rise -woo! 😀

    • it is isn’t it! 🙂
      i agree with you there, both colours are so simple and can be used as a canvas for almost anything! 🙂

    • it is such a great classic trend (you can wear it even when it isn’t in fashion!) 🙂
      on the hunt for some good houndstooth material, and can’t wait to do it! yep – will do a step by step DIY 😀

    • thank-you very much Athina! 😀
      yes – isn’t is gorgeous! lovely little addition to the black and white trend 🙂

  3. I agree, adore that third dress with the classic tailoring. It’d also work well with nude heels (I’m loving nude heels at the moment… I bought a pair of nude suede wedges and it’s great being able to combine them with pretty much everything! Oh, and added bonus: I don’t look quite as disabled in wedges. I am the crappiest stiletto-balancer!). xx

    • yes – it is quite classic and timeless 🙂
      I love your thinking!! nude heels would look fabbb! nude suede wedges – they sound like a winner! good find! 🙂 – yeah nude is so good because you can wear it with almost anything 🙂 I’ve been on the hunt for a nice nude heel – and i think wedges sound like a great way to go! hahaha 😀 definitely much easier than stilettos
      great minds think alike my friend! 😛 xo

  4. Wow, love your blog. You have a great future ahead of you:) I had a pair of striped palazzo pants once. They were black and off white. Loved them. I wonder whatever happened to them?

    • thank-you!! that’s very kind of you 🙂
      how gorgeous! love those pieces you wear over and over again – that’s too bad – hope you find them! 🙂

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