Wanderlust – The Greek Islands

It’s a daily battle… sitting at my desk, using every single ounce of my strength to not reach over and pick up my phone or laptop and force my hands onto my calculator and workbook.

Hi, my name is Bec and I am a professional procrastinator.

If there was a subject in this I would not only pass with flying colours, but get the award for taking up the most ridiculous tasks to avoid the dreaded homework.
Since when is lining up pens in colour order a task? Silly question – of course it has always been!

I seem to always find my self gazing up into day dream land, staring out the window above my desk (and homework!) – musing of all the places I wish to go, travel, experience and delve into the culture.

Sadly, when I bring myself back to reality, I come to realize that time has flown by… Wouldn’t it be great if the dog could just eat my homework right now! Then I can freely drift back off to ‘la la’ land or spend hours browsing google images and pinning kazillions (kazillions?! yep, you heard right) pictures of places I am dying to see.

So, for all of you stuck at desks, or just needed a that weekly pick-me-up, and to stir the  dreamer being inside you all, here is one of the places that continually fill my thoughts…

Think pristine beaches, white buildings, blue sea, and an island experience like no other…
Yep, you guest right…


After hearing dad’s journey’s throughout Greece, picking grapes, falling asleep on the beach, exploring the towns I have naturally grown a fascination and eagerness to explore these beautiful islands

so come now, let’s hop that imaginary plane and go there, and fall into wanderlust

Greek Islands, Santorini http://www.telegraph.co.uk }

Greek Islands{ http://www.touristmaker.com}

greek islands santorini { http://www.tripbucket.com }

Greek Islands www.kootation.com }

Greek Islands { www.scenicreflections.com }

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greek islands blue door{ www.tumblr.com }

Rustic white and blue villages, pure blue ocean, beautiful cliff faces – what’s not to love?



39 thoughts on “Wanderlust – The Greek Islands

  1. I spent a little time on Corfu when I was 13. It really was amazing. I can understand daydreaming about this…I daydream about Sicily all the time!

    • wow lucky you!! must of been beautiful!
      it fills my thoughts constantly haha i can understand daydreaming Sicily – another gorgeous beach location full of great food and culture!

    • so stunning isn’t it! nature has really outdone itself haha 🙂
      best form of procrastination around!

  2. WOW!!! how beautiful, I have only been there in my dreams and now those gorgeous photo’s are etched in my mind. I too am a procrastinator, I admit it, have a hard time making up my mind on most things. I will imagine that the beautiful blue gate with the lovely red flowers leads to my home, which has a private beach, I can dream right?

      • yes – it’s so gorgeous!! 😀
        same – those photos only make me want to go there more and more!
        oh yes most definitely! that’s the good thing about dreams is that anything is possible – that’s your house, a private beach and why not have your own yacht to boot? 😛

      • we can – and hey! – dreaming is costs us nothing! 🙂 all we need to complete it is with the smell of that beautiful fresh beachy air and freshly cooked authentic greek food 🙂

    • yes one day!! then Greece will fill our nostalgic dreams 🙂
      glad to know i’m not the only one! 🙂 we get so creative when procrastination comes around – wonder what i’ll end up doing next! it may even end in cleaning my room… now that’s a new low haha

      • Hi Jeanna!
        Sorry, I’m not actually to sure, I just found these pictures browsing the web 🙂

  3. This is like from “Mamma Mia” – so beautiful photo shots and I can understand that you wish you were there. I have never been to Corfu, but I lived 3 months in Athens – I just love the country and the people. That photo with the blue roofs .. is so fantastic. I want to be there too.

    • it so is like mammia mia! that’s another aspect to love – love love that movie! 🙂
      wow – 3 months would’ve been amazing! what an experience!
      isn’t it beautiful… completely dreamy 🙂

      • Yes, Greek is a stunning place with fantastic and generous people. So friendly … and welcoming.
        I should have visit the islands more than I did … regret that now.

  4. I procrastinate a lot, especially at work…. always leave the job I don’t like doing, to later. Then maybe tomorrow. Then a week has gone by… My dog eat my homework too… by the way, Santorini is really beautiful.

    • i’m glad you understand! 🙂 yep – always leaving the worst job until then end… and then… some how we just run out of time… and of course we must sleep .. so it never gets done.. haha

  5. I’ve been to Greece twice, and it is just as beautiful as you (and your dad), have described. Book a ticket, take a month off, pack a bag, and go explore!! There’s never any stress or worries in the islands :). (And if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!!!) #obssesedwithgreece

    • ooo that’s so exciting! where abouts in greece?
      have a great time! i’m so excited for you! haha 🙂

  6. I love the Greek Islands! One of my favourite holidays ever was spent on Crete and my dad lived on Corfu for a while in the late 60’s (and was an extra in Greek musicals to pay his way! Crazy!). Santorini is postcard perfect. The food, the weather, the iced coffees, the gorgeous villages and smiles from locals… ok… now I want to go back! 😉

  7. I love the Greek Isles! I think one of my favorite vacations has been when I went with my family to Mykonos, Naxos and Santorini. It was such a beautiful vacation filled with delicious food. Nescafe Frappe’s, light but sweet desserts, fresh fish and traditional greek dishes, oh I could go on forever. I dream of the day I can go back there with my husband to show him it’s beauty.

    • ooo wow sounds amazing!!! 😀
      what a wonderful holiday!
      we’ll when the day comes round (when i have the money :P) i know who i’ll be turning to with the questions 😀

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