Musings À La Mode: Oriental Style

One word.

Scratch that (can’t help myself) – Here’s a few more…

Detailed. Embroidery. Colour. Beauty. Fascination.

What do all these words have in common?

That’s right – I heard you say it – Oriental Style.

Long before this trend even hit the catwalk, I was admiring the beautiful intricacy and detail that goes into oriental material. Wonderfully adorned with colour and stories. Using my dads old kimono as a dressing gown, I have always aspired to make my own, along with numerous other oriental style items (can’t just stop at one can I!).
So you can imagine my excitement to see Oriental Style storming the catwalk, particularly by fashion designer Emilio Pucci.

When recently browsing through stacks of material in the trusty Spotlight I stumbled across a ‘diamond in rough’ if I may 😛 of a gorgeous cobalt blue material, decorated with a stunning oriental pattern.

This got me thinking, and yearning to be draped in the riches of that of a kimono, or prancing in the glamour around an oriental wrap skirt.
(DIYs to come? I think so!) 😀

So here are some exciting new inspirations for you all!

oriental style emilio }

oriental style emilio }

Oriental Style Emilio }

oriental }

oriental }

Oriental Style Emilio Pucci { } }

Thanks for stopping by!

12 thoughts on “Musings À La Mode: Oriental Style

    • haha it is sooooo vogue 🙂
      and i would be happy with a bowl of fried rice, or spring rolls to top off the outfit any day! 😛

    • ooo a kimono robe! how gorgeous! 🙂
      they are so flattering and the oriental patterns are so beautiful!

    • thanks Rosie! 😀
      same! they’re so gorgeous and comfortable to boot!
      i’m so excited to DIY one for myself 🙂

  1. beautiful! I love kimonos too.
    I stayed with a host family when I was on a scholarship in Japan and they dressed me up for a party in the mother’s vintage kimono (and gold jewelry)… passed onto her from her mother. I was scared to move all night! lol 😀

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