Orange Apple & Passion Juice

There are a number of rules that go without saying.

Don’t talk to strangers
Don’t run with scissors (thank goodness for that one!)
Always wash your hands after the toot
Don’t forget your ‘pleases’ and ‘thank-yous’

and then there’s…


*please don’t try this at home*

For those of you who know what I’m talking about, it really isn’t a pleasant experience for the taste buds….

Peeled oranges

Soooo, let’s make a relevant segway shall weeee…..

Right. Orange Juice.

This week I tried a nice, subtle shake up of the classic favourite, where by adding the apple it takes the strong citrusy taste off the orange, as well as the passionfruit and apple adding a lovely sweetness to your most-loved juice.

cut applesWe’re not veering too far away from the classic favourite, just a few additions to add a new note to our dearly beloved beverage (where toothpaste is not involved).

Not only is this juice super deeeelicious but has health benefits that tick all the boxes!

Ginger is full of great nutrients with digestion-friendly properties
Oranges are packed with potassium which boosts heart health
– Ever heard an Apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, red apples can help boost your immune system!
– Passionfruit is a rich source of antioxidants

passionfruitThis truly is a win win situation!

If you don’t have a juicer – have no fear!
The wonderful Minimalist Baker blog steps you through a simple 3 step process of juicing without a juicer: here. Woo! Now we can all juice!

ready….. steady….. JUICE!!!

Orange, Apple & Passion Juice
makes around 800ml


3 Oranges, peeled
2 Apples (I used ‘pink lady’ apples)
2 Passionfruits worth of pulp
1 Lime, peeled
2cm piece of ginger


1. Juice up all that fruity goodness!
Orange, Apple & Passion JuiceOrange, Apple & Passion Juice

2. Slurp it up and enjoy every last sip of this healthy beverage my friends!

Orange, Apple & Passion JuiceOrange, Apple & Passion Juice

Orange, Apple & Passion Juice
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20 thoughts on “Orange Apple & Passion Juice

    • thank-you! i could keep sippin’ it all day! 😛

      and thanks! my friend gave it to me and now it has become my favourite nail polish 😀

      it’s Rimmel London 60 second drying and the colour is Lilac if your interested 🙂

  1. Oh my gosh I second that – I have has orange juice for breakfast straight after brushing – worst experience of my life! 😛
    I will be sure to brush well before I try your gorgeous juice 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

    • thanks Uru!! 😀
      ooo yes – totally worth getting up to brush that little bit earlier to enjoy this juicy goodness 😛

      hope school isn’t treating you too bad! Good luck with the final stretch 🙂

      • I’m just at that point where i don’t care anymore and just want to finish haha 😛

        Not long though!! 😀

        yes! hope your having fun as well!

    • thank-you!! the flavour + healthiness is truly win win situation!
      once you do orange and passionfruit as a combo you’ll never look back 😛


    • thank-you Mary! you bet! – full of a range of fruity goodness, a freshly made with no preservatives 🙂
      alllllll good stuff 😛

    • thanks so much Laura! it means a lot! 😀
      me too! I can’t wait! i can almost smell the freedom 😛
      yep! off to uni next year hopefully 🙂 what a change it will be 🙂 xxxxoxox

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