Bits & Pieces – My Saving Graces

Boy oh boy…. Time flys.

This final year of school, has really hit the pointy end… exams only 6 weeks away!
Shock horror. Bang head against wall. Scream in horror. Do a crazy dance.

That’s right, it’s really time to hammer down and hit the books…. egh – can I really be bothered?…

*”yes! come on Bec! Not long now! Let’s go go go! Hit the ground running!”*

Sorry bout that… would you excuse my loudly shouting brain…
(see… year 12 does drive you crazy…)

Although, along the way, I have been receiving amazing little trickles of ‘saving gracess’, that have helped me to somewhat stay sane throughout the year.

spring blossoms {when the smell of Spring is in the air and the trees outside your window are blossoming}

pear muffin{when mum brings home the BEST pear muffins in the entire universe}

pretty in pink duckie quote{
{80’s Rom Coms – Pretty In Pink –  my new favourite movie. P.S. I hear ya Duckie!}

around the world watch{when your online shopping arrives – Around the World Watch – UrbanOutfitters}

happiness quote{when you find inspiring quotes on pinterest… that later send you into deep ponders + are totally relevant to life right now}

wayuu mochila bags{when dad brings you back Wayuu Mochila Bags from South America}

As they say my friends – ‘every little bit counts!’

Sorry for the lack of posts! Time is money (or more like time is study… but you get the picture)

I’ll try and post when I can…

But until then – Wish me luck!

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See y’all on the other side! 😀 (and maybe in times of blog posting procrastination)

Thanks for stopping by!


16 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces – My Saving Graces

    • yay! 🙂 isn’t it the best!?
      my favourite line is when duckie says “i’m off like a dirty shirt” haha 😛

    • thanks Uru! 🙂
      not long now my friend – i’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel!
      good luck with the final study and exams! 😀

  1. The … thought of spring has to wait for me .. we have to make it through the autumn first and just now its not that funny. Love you watch … checked out the website. Maybe when I go to UK .. I will have a closer look. Love your quote – so true and we should make sure that is the outcome before we make the decision.
    Nice to have you back. Have a great week.

    • but i must say – the idea of a cold/white christmas is so enticing! 🙂
      thanks! it’s my favourite – can’t go anywhere without wearing it 😛
      and glad you like it! – it’s so relevant to every step of life 🙂

      great to be back! (briefly :P)
      have a great week too!
      and thank-you for your lovely comments! 😀 x

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