Sydney Snippets

Sydney Opera House{Sydney Opera House}

This sure is a jolly time of the year my friends.
The festive season has begun, the weather is warming up and of course (as you’ve seen in my constant rambling over my love for freedom) I have a whoollle lotta holidays!

Paddington Market Flowers{Flowers at the Paddington Markets}

So, as many Aussies do at the conclusion of school, they venture upon the beginning of many adventures on a trip now known as ‘schoolies’.

My friends and my choice of holiday you ask?
We chose Sydney. The ideal location providing everything from much needed retail therapy to beautiful beaches to spend hours relaxing on.
Flawless? –  Yep! Best time ever? –  Youuuu said it!

manely beach{Manley Beach}

We went from the CBD, to Circular Quay, to Manley Beach, to Darling Harbour, to Toronga Zoo, to climbing the bridge, to Hyde Park, to Bronte Beach, to Paddington, to Surry Hills, to Bondi ( *take a breath* )

You could say we covered a little ground.

Queen Victoria Building Sydney Christmas Decorations{Christmas Tree at the Queen Victoria Building}

The result?
5 utterly happy, 10 times the smarter (on the money spent on travel), relaxed gal pals.

PLUS a wholllle lotta pictures!
So here’s a snippet of a fabbbulous 6 days

icypole at the beac{‘Cyclone’ Icy-pole at Bronte Beach}

Sydney Skyline at Sunset{Sydney Skyline at Sunset}

sydney harbour bridge{The Sydney Harbour Bridge}

paddington markets{The must go Paddington Markets}

bondi to bronte beach walk{The walk from Bondi to Bronte Beach}

Adrian Zumbo's fingerbun macaron {Incredible ‘Fingerbun’ Macaron from Adrian Zumbo’s Patisserie}

bronte beach sydney{Bronte Beach}

Taronga Zoo{Taronga Zoo}

Smashed Avocado with Roasted Tomato and Parmesan {Smashed Avo with Roasted Tomato’s and Parmesan at Mr. Mo’s in Surry Hills}

The Rocks Market{The Rocks Market}

Vietnamese Beef Salad{Vietnamese Beef Salad}

There you have it!
I haven’t even scraped the surface on the fantasicals of the trip but I hope this gives you a great insight on the amazing city.
If you are ever considering a trip there I most definitely encourage it!

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13 thoughts on “Sydney Snippets

    • Thanks! 🙂
      i would loooove to have a cold christmas! something thats on the bucket list 😀
      i do love a warm christmas though – you can spend the day outside and have BBQs 😛
      Have a great week!

  1. What a wonderful and joyful post …. love the photos – and how you express your joy!
    I would have problems to celebrate Christmas in the middle of the summer – even if it was summer when I visit Sydney.
    I smashing city – keep on delighting yourself, Bec.

    • thank-you very much Viveka! 🙂
      I’ve always dreamed of a white Christmas with hot chocolates, curled up by the fire – so dreamy!
      Really is a fab city – its got it all!
      Hope you have a lovely week 🙂

      • Yes, Sidney is one of the cities I would love to visit again – only heard great reviews about it – but expensive today what I understand. The food is suppose to be one of the best in the world, suits me well.
        You’re so welcome to come to Sweden for some snow and hot chocolate.
        Hope the same for your week.

    • thank-you very much! 🙂
      First day of Summer yesterday which was kicked off with a lovely 30 degrees! 😀
      ahh winter in the Netherlands sounds and looks so beautiful 🙂
      Have a great week!

    • thank-you very much!! 😀
      ooo you must go to the paddington markets – by far one of my favourites!
      Hope your having a great week 🙂

  2. Being from the US, it’s interesting to see the holidays in warm weather. The pictures of the peonies leave me envious as they are out of season for me. Sydney is a place I would like to visit someday, thanks for the inspo!

    • yes you must! Such a wonderful city full of lots to do 🙂
      I am always so curious (and definitely envious 😛 ) of cold Christmas’ 🙂 lucky you! 🙂
      have a wonderful weekend! 😀

    • Thank-you very much 🙂
      Ooo yes you must! I could seriously spend all day at the Paddington Markets!
      Happy new year 😀 x

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