Musings À La Mode: Before & After DIY Plaid Skirt

before & after DIY plaid skirtOne thing that was on my ‘to-do’ list once I finished school was to have a good old rummage in an opp shop. There’s nothing like riffling through racks of previous trash soon to become someones treasure.

So I guess you can imagine my joy when I came across a real gem, just screaming out to me. Right as I walked in the door, and I saw it.
It was like:

“Hey! Bec! I’m the skirt you’ve been looking for! Buy me!”

Well, not really… but you can imagine… some may say love at first sight.

Nothing that a bit of tweaking couldn’t perfect.
hemming processThe great thing about this DIY is that you can apply these simple steps to many types of skirts you stumble across, which posses many of your favourite characteristics. 
Looking past the current appearance and towards the clothing’s potential.
In my case, a plaid pattern, where you may recall me expressing my love for the 90’s grunge look in my previous post.

So, here we go!


You will need:
– fabric scissors
– pins
– sewing machine
– thread to match the skirt colour
– button & needle & thread if the skirt needs to be taken in

1. Try on the skirt, and mark with chalk or pin where you would like the skirt to come up to.
2. Cut at least 2cm below the desired skirt length to leave room for the hem.cutting fabric for hem3. Turn up the hem and pin.hemming skirt4. Sew the hem (doing the lining and outer skirt material separately if the skirt has a lining). sewing hem 5. Attach an extra button so the skirt fits better around the hips or waist if required. sewing button on 6. Done and done! Wear this customised skirt till your hearts content!

before & after DIY plaid skirtbefore & after DIY plaid skirtSo simple, yet super effective


Thanks for stopping by!

Daisy and the Fox

21 thoughts on “Musings À La Mode: Before & After DIY Plaid Skirt

  1. Bec, great job and nice skirt … love tartan !!!! I can see that you know how to saw … you’re very precise. Even if the underskirt could have been a bit more tidy … *smile

    • thank-you very much Viveka! 🙂
      yes haha, the cutting was a bit here and there 😛 at least you can’t see it when it is being worn 😀

      • There is a back side to everything, isn’t it *laughing – I think maybe you could have a problem if you need to wash the skirt with a lining like that – you will have threads everywhere.

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