DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

You know the old saying?

(wait… I should probably elaborate more…)

The one that people pull out when a gift doesn’t really tickle that person’s fancy…

You know the one…

“It’s the thought that counts” *insert fake smile*

Well, sometimes there is a whollle lotta thought and with these inspirations, a minimal amount of effort, we can all create presents that truly create a smile, making all that effort worth while.

Got a person that is hard to buy for?
Or someone that already has everything they could want?

Well, do I have the solution for you!

Here are some quick, simple (and perfect for last minute shoppers like myself) ideas for Christmas gifts to whip up for your friends, family, or to simply have waiting under the tree incase any guests unexpectedly pop in.

Yep, once again, here is another foolproof, win win situation!

diy gift ideas

1. Brownie Mix ~ cause who doesn’t like brownies? {Call Me Cupcake}
2. Hand Painted Mug ~ for the hot chocolate drinker in all of us {Wit & Whistle}
3. Painted Wooden Bead Necklace ~ girls and their jewellery, nuff’ said {A Girl Who Makes}
4. Ribbon Bookmark ~ for all the bookworms out there{Country Living}
5. Fabric Covered Notebooks ~ why not a journal kick start the new year? {A Pair & A Spare}
6. Potato Print Tote Bag ~ more room to fill with clutter {Childer House Blog}
7. Neon Dipped Succulent Pots ~ perfect for green thumbs {Armelle Blog}
8. Pocket Warmers ~ no more ice cold hands {Fellow Fellow}
9. Tassel Garland ~ room decorating here we come! {Linen, Lace & Love}
10. Homemade Beeswax Candles ~ so you can have a lovely home scent all year round {A Beautiful Mess}

Have fun!

And most of all Merry Christmas!

Daisy and the Fox


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