Musings A La Mode; Travelling in Comfort ~ Italy Travel Diary

Comfort travelling clothesIn my wee 18 years, there’s nothing I’ve learnt is more important than getting the most out of your everyday. Wether it be from longing to have a whole other 24 hours to squeeze study into, or for the sunset to last for that much longer so I can really soak it in…if ya know what I mean

Comfort travelling clothesIf anything, as we travel around Italy, it has never seemed so important to embrace all the ticking seconds we have here, and to really ‘soak it allllll in’, ya know, putting the camera down for a second and just da-rinking in that view. And let me tell you, this place has a wholllllle lotta stunning views.

Comfort travelling clothesIn order for this adoration of the country to continue, a comfortable outfit is totalllllly essential. Simple really. But believe me, an uncomfortable pair of shoes can really through off a promising day, let alone being cold!

Comfort travelling clothesSuch an easy solution: dress for comfort. And let me tell you, there’s nothing better than pulling on some cosy and comfy shoes and walking round in such a breathtaking country.

Comfort travelling clothesComfort travelling clothesCoat: Zara, Beanie: Similar, Poncho: Zara, Jeans: Similar, Shoes: Timberland

Plus my friends, here’s a cheeky sneak peak of some shots from our travel so far!

{Amalfi Coastline}

{Amalfi Coastline}



{Pompeii Ruins}

{Pompeii Ruins}

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13 thoughts on “Musings A La Mode; Travelling in Comfort ~ Italy Travel Diary

    • Thank-you very much April! The time here has been so surreal and amazing! 🙂 such a beautiful country! X

    • Haha so true! 🙂 I kinda blend in with the crowd 😛
      They’ve become my best travel friend – you’ll even see them in my next outfit post hehe – I love them! 🙂
      Happy new year!

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