Italy Photo Diary ~ Rome

RomeRound 2. Train time. Next stop Rome. 15 minute hike to the hotel. Lie on bed briefly to recover. Jump up. Throw on coat. Explore city… Purely on foot.

RomeThe wedding cake romeTrevi fountain The 5 days the fam and I spent in Rome really rang true to the saying ‘you wear your shoes out walking Rome’, well if that wasn’t a saying… I hereby officially make it one. But in my honest opinion what better way to see such an intriguing city!

Roman apartmentsSpanish steps statueThere’s nothing better than wandering the cobbled streets, surrounded by the cosy lights of the beckoning shops and really soaking in all the city has to offer. And that’s what it is all about right?

I've fallen in car love

I’ve fallen in car love

Gotta love vintage shop finds

Gotta love vintage shop finds

Spanish stepsWith Rome stilled filled with the festive atmosphere in anticipation of La Befana, my favourite Piazza, Piazza Navona, was singing colour and giving off those wonderful carnival vibes.

Piazza NavonaPiazza Navona carousel Something to really marvel at in this beautiful city is how such a place is centred around thousands of years of history, literally. Pretty much the main hub is bordering some of the greatest remains of the Roman Empire. Marvelling material.

Roman ruinsRome skyline

Vatican City ceiling

Vatican City ceiling

Pantheon Rome palazzo rberiniMust do things in Rome?

I’m gonna out the obvious out there first, the Colosseum. So much fascinating history in one place, let me tell you, I’m now itching to watch ‘Gladiator’!

Colosseum Rome Secondly; experience them ruins. Take your time to learn about the history behind it, the fine detail in all the buildings has a symbolic meaning, that is common to be followed by the word “wow!”

Rome ruinsAnd thirdly; EAT YOUR HEART OUT. We always found it such a thrill each night to venture off the beaten track and find those cute little restaurants and family run businesses, which generally produced some of our favourite food!

Eggplant pizza

Italian gelati - can't beat it

Italian gelati – can’t beat it

Roman food

Pure bliss in a Nutella Ciambella

Pure bliss in a Nutella Ciambella

What to eat? Well the regional food is bruschetta, carbonara, cacio & peep pasta (cheese and pepper) and roman artichokes – sounds delish already huh?

Can I relive this Cacio e Pepe Pasta again again and again?

Can I relive this Cacio e Pepe Pasta again again and again?

On our final night, as luck goes, we always seem to stumble across the best eats of area, in our case, we had been recommended to go to Glass Hostaria. Which may I tell you, is possibly the best I’ve ever eaten in my life! No exaggeration. The menu and food was simply exquisite, not to mention the stunning dinning room, and served by one of the best chefs, Cristina Bowerman. Fine dinning at its finest! My mouth was literally salivating for more at the end of each dish, despite me stretching my skirt to almost double, now that’s saying something! Let’s hear it for Glass Hostaria!

Vanilla Bean Oil and Oyster Heaven, I mean pasta, pasta.

Vanilla Bean Oil and Oyster Heaven, I mean pasta, pasta. ~ Glass Hostaria

The moistest lamb I have ever had

The moistest lamb I have ever had ~ Glass Hostaria

The most delightful bitefulls

The most delightful bitefulls ~ Glass Hostaria

Thank-you Rome for your beautiful city lights at night, the history you hold and your drool worthy food!

Spanish steps view

Dem clouds, dat building

Dem clouds, dem buildings

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6 thoughts on “Italy Photo Diary ~ Rome

  1. Wow, the enteral city … what a wonderful post and the gallery wonderful. I was there in 1980 and we didn’t fall in love, Rome and me – but it’s a beautiful city and the food is magical.
    As a friend once said .. that the worst thing with Italian food is that you get hungry again 4 days later.

    • Thank-you very much Viveka! 🙂
      You got it! The food is sooooo good
      Haha that’s so true! The problem will be when I get home and I’ll be constantly hungry cause I stuffed my face all the time here 😛

    • thank-you very much! 😀
      it is such a fun city 🙂 , so much to do! (and so much to eat haha)
      have a lovely week 🙂

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