Musings À La Mode: DIY Oriental Wrap Skirt ~ 2 Ways

DIY oriental wrap-skirt
For those that know me well, know very well that I am a littttttttle bit of a TV addict.
Day n’ night, if I’m bored, that’s where you will find me.
Square eyed and worringly proud of it….

DIY oriental wrap-skirt
These skirts were so simple and quick that during my daily (maybe hourly… cough cough*) TV sesh, I was able to whip up these beauty. It doesn’t take much brains or an expert sewer to pull these together. How exciting!
I made one short for me and one maxi for my sister. These skirts are totally customisable and easy to make best suit you.

DIY oriental wrap-skirt
You may remember me raving about the oriental trend way back, well, here we are, with a totally easy, comfortable, and affordable version which you can make at home. Nothing better, right?

DIY oriental wrap-skirt
1. Wrap the rectangle material around yourself and mark with a pin the height and width that you wish the skirt to be.
2. Cut out the rectangle, adding around 4cm to each edge to leave room for a double-fold hem.
3. Pin the double-fold hem on each edge, and sew.

DIY oriental wrap-skirt
DIY oriental wrap-skirt
4. Wrap the skirt around you again and mark where you wish to sew on the hook & eyes.
Anchor the hook & eye, then stitch on (tutorial here)

DIY oriental wrap-skirt
5. I added 2 darts at the back of both skirts, and an extra tuck around the waist of the maxi to give structure and make the skirts fit more neatly.

DIY oriental wrap-skirt
6. Wear and enjoy!

DIY oriental wrap-skirt

DIY oriental wrap-skirt
Thanks for stopping by!

daisy and the fox

21 thoughts on “Musings À La Mode: DIY Oriental Wrap Skirt ~ 2 Ways

    • thanks girls! 🙂
      it was super easy, even Katrina could do it if she wanted, and that means something haha 😛

  1. Awesome work! I Adore wrap skirts and yours puts a new spin on them, gorgeous!

    How would you like to participate in a blog linkup/challenge? It’s called Dress Up/Fancy Friday where bloggers can basically turn the usual ‘dress down Friday’ ethos around and wear something special to them on any Friday. Next week is obviously Valentine’s and I think you could contribute something inspiring 🙂 There’s more info here:

    • thank-you very much! 😀

      I would love to participate, sounds lovely! 🙂
      unfortunatley I’m going away this coming week, but in the next fridays to come I would love to participate! thank-you very much lovely 🙂
      looking forward to putting together some lovely friday pieces!

      hope you have a wonderful weekend!

      • Wonderful! 😀

        No worries about Valentines any Friday is fine and I hope you have a very good time on your trip!

        I’ll update the page to add you to the list of bloggers (no pressure lol) and I’ll look out for your post in a couple of weeks so that I can add your link and pic to my own post to help publicize the challenge and your post/blog 🙂

        Any questions let me know and I’ll be happy to help 😀

        I look forward to seeing your post(s)!

        Dolly x

      • Thank-you very much lovely! really appreciated 🙂
        Already got a Friday outfit in mind 🙂
        Hope your having a great weekend!

  2. Whoa… this did my head in! I thought that both models in this shot were you and you’d somehow photoshopped the first one…. but then there’s the linked arms pic! Twins!! Gorgeous tutorial. Love that bright oriental print, so versatile. Love everything about this Becca!! xx

    • Trippy! Haha 🙂
      Thank-you very much!
      It was surprisingly easy and so comfy 🙂
      I can’t wait to do this with different gorgeous materials! 😀

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