Musings À La Mode: No ‘bag’ factor ~ the beauty of tights

houndstooth skirt and colour
If you knew me well, you’d know I live for comfort.
Heck, I’d live every day and night in my trackies and ugg boots if I could.
(This is a common occurrence on Saturdays, including picking up takeaway and grabbing a good ol’ movie.)

You’d also find that I live by this rule whenever I travel (the comfort rule, not the trackies one – I wish!)
The annoying thing I find about travelling and wearing pants is the ‘bag‘ factor.
“what is that?” you may say?
Well, this is evidently the rapid ‘bag’ that jeans develop after a short period of wearing. And plus travel, you’ve got yourself a collection of baggy jeans.

colourful winter clothing
First world problem I know… but with a solution that I can’t get enough of.



Comfortable (2 ticks, already I’m in).
Compact- easy to pack
Less need to wash

*self high-five*

The majority of the Italy Trip was spent in tights, that ultra forgiving houndstooth skort, and this cozy outfit. Ahhh that was one comfy trip… (Despite the expanded waistline).

colourful winter clothing
Coat: Vintage, Similar  Scarf: Zara, Similar  Jumper: Zara, Similar  Sunglasses: Similar  Boots: KEB, Similar 
Skort: Zara  Bag: Similar

Thanks for stopping by and hope you all have a smashing weekend! 🙂



15 thoughts on “Musings À La Mode: No ‘bag’ factor ~ the beauty of tights

    • Thank-you! 🙂 I’d been on the hunt for the perfect pair of knee high boots for a while and I stumbled upon these ones on sale in florence! I was a happy chappy 😛
      Hope you have a great weekend!

    • thank-you very much lovely! 🙂

      I’ve got few shots already for an upcoming friday – looking forward to posting it 😀

      hope you have had a great weekend!

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