Ravin’ Reviews: ToWoo Korean Charcoal BBQ + a new take on posts

This space here is gonna be a little bit quieter then hoped over the rest of the semester, and I apologise in advance!
I’m gonna try and squeeeeeeeeze in some mouthwatering recipes (cause who can say no to that?)
But in the meantime, this wee little blog will more be filled with daily musings, such as weekly outings, Pinterest Procrastination links (lets be honest, that is the perfect time waster), as well as where my mind is off exploring in some more Wanderlust series.

Same same but different you could almost say.

Daisy and the Fox will be a bit of a visual journal, which I really loved the idea of when I was little, due to the fact that it was “just incase I got amnesia”, there would be a place to see everything that made me laugh and smile… weird the things that motivated me….

But don’t get me wrong… this space WILL include food… mark my words.

When I am in the kitchen these days, it tends to be either whipping up these Honey Oat Bars (I know it’s really all I talk about, but far-out… it makes my days…. what a sad life I know), or merely standing in it, yep just in the centre and getting a good ol’ whiff of dinner to come…. I really take my procrastination seriously…
Like now! I’m typing this blog as I should be studying the Nervous System, as interesting as it is, (thanks brain and spinal cord for everything you do for me by the way), my mind wanders…. and so does my laptop to my blog… funny how things go.

Anyway, what better place to begin this than with a little ravvvin’ review of a restaurant my gal pals and I happily dined at on Sunday night.

This place goes by the name ToWoo Korean Charcoal BBQ.

ToWoo Korean Charcoal BBQ
Think unique, variety and very visual. You can get your pork cooked right in front of you on a grill plate!
Authenticity, and that’s what I love. Giving off that relaxed back-yard industrial vibe, complete with benches to sit on, to make you feel like it’s just another balmy evening sitting out on the deck with ya bessst mates.
Chuck in a bit some delicious Fried Dumplings and KFC (yep, that’s right, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Korean style), an interesting array of mini side dishes and some delicious sizzling hot rice and I was a happy chappy.

ToWoo Korean Charcoal BBQ
ToWoo Korean Charcoal BBQ
ToWoo Korean Charcoal BBQ
ToWoo Korean Charcoal BBQ
ToWoo Korean Charcoal BBQ
ToWoo Korean Charcoal BBQ

After a good old yarn, and a reasonable bill (considering we bought no drinks), with a little extra coins in hand (plus a craving for something sweet – that’s only natural), we headed on down to the milk bar and bought non-other than Magnums and sat in the car jiving to music (loud enough to get strange looks) and attempting to savour the ice-cream goodness.
Day complete.

Not before my friend got me into a new totalllllly addictive series, did my sister and I then proceed to stay up until 1am watching it.
Ahhh what we do for good TV.
Have you heard of Secret & Lies?
If you haven’t: do yourself a favour, and watch this genius murder mystery
If you have; can we please now commence a 24 hour discussion of the suspects and who we thought committed the murder?

Annnnnyway, the Nervous System and I better get back on track… where was I… ah. Role of the membrane ion channels.

Wish me luck!


13 thoughts on “Ravin’ Reviews: ToWoo Korean Charcoal BBQ + a new take on posts

    • 🙂 it was sooo yum and authentic, and I just loved the modern BBQ twist!
      Hope your having a great week!

  1. I’m veg so it’s difficult to get into a Korean barbecue but I can see why it’s so popular 😀
    Ugh uni is WORSE than high school in work BUT I LOVE IT 😀
    Love the direction if your blog!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Its totally awesome! They had these roast veggies I saw other people having on the mini grill’d plate and they looked super good, plus great for veggos – win! 😀

      I agree!! So much to do, and I thought after yr 12 that would be the end of the high work load.. I was so young and naive haha 😛

      Thank-you very much gurl! 🙂

  2. Hi!

    I was wondering if you have an email address where I can contact you? I want to ask you something about your Instagram pictures (and a possible publication in a Dutch magazine). Can you please contact me on the email address I filled in?


  3. Hi im james No!! owner of the Towoo restaurant
    your picture is awesome!!!! i didn’t know that my restaurant is that beautiful
    ah! you should go to upstairs!
    theirs so many things to shoot it!(for example my mom’s white charcoal art work)
    you won’t disappoint it!
    can you please tell me your instagram nickname? i wanna be your insta friend!
    so happy that you took a great photo of my restaurant.
    so please give us permission to give gift for you….it’s not a voucher it’s very unique item.
    i will be really really happy if you visit us again!
    but how should i reconise you??

    • Hi James! Lovely to meet you 🙂
      thank-you very much!
      I had a wonderful time eating at your restaurant, great food and a great dining experience.
      my instagram account name is daisyandthefox_
      that is lovely! i would be very honoured 🙂

      hope you had a happy Easter!

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