Weekly Saviours ~ Bits & Bobs

You know how sometimes your sitting at home on a sunday night and wondering how on earrrrrth you going to see the end of the week?
The week seems to be some impossible void looming in your future, waiting for your to crumble at it’s unsympathetic mercy…

Maybe you don’t, but that was my week friends.

But you know what! I made it (quote) “through the wilderness, somehow I made it through-oo-ooooo” (thank-you shrek soundtrack, sometimes you just get me)

These little bits & bobs came to my rescue.
If they could hear me, (and in this case they can) “I just wanna send a huge shout-out to my perfect pick-me ups!” (I really don’t speak to objects… I swear)

Autumn leaves and skyThe view from my bedroom, not tooooo bad to look out at when your studying! Gotta love those autumn colours. Not to mention the fact that I did stand on the roof next to my window to get the shot…. but mum really doesn’t have to know that…

chocolate cake Chocolate cake, the one and only. No description needed.

chocolate easter eggsEaster wouldn’t be complete with these by my side. And what could be better than Mars, M&Ms and Malteasers in the form of easter eggs! This little guys did accompany me by the computer as I typed a tedious essay, and yes the bowl has officially been cleared…. just in case you were wondering

white Birkenstocks I’ve have my eye on these little bad boys for a while, and when I finally plucked up the courage to buy them (note: not much courage was needed at all actually, just a lil’ money in ma pocket and a short train ride), and I was right as rain to buy them, despite the fact that it took a week to come into store… the wait was tottttalllly worth it. Birkenstocks = ULTIMATE COMFORT BEYOND WORDS. Be sure for a full on ravin’ Musing A La Mode to come soon.

hot cross bunsYou’ve heard me rave about Saturday countless times, and here’s just another reason to add to my repertoire… Fresh hot cross buns from the bakery.
Nuff said.

Prism asos heelsI don’t normally get much in the mail, and when I do it tends to be from the bank. You know…the kind of mail we like *cough cough*. But when these beauties arrived from ASOS, they were on my twinkling toes in a flash, and I’m pretty sure I wore them around the house for an hour that arvo… ASOS, you can do no wrong.
And incase you were thinking, no I don’t have a shoe fetish…. maybe a little… alright you got me. Its like my drug.

blue eyed border collieAnd last but certainly not least, what would me week or even day be like without this shining face. Ma little man Stewie, always there for a hug, play and sit under my desk as I attempt to work. No idea what I would do without ma left hand man. (This is a very rare shot for him, he has a sincere hate for camera’s, and shadows and reflections – gotta love him 🙂 )

So there you have it folks, a mini glimpse at the positives in the life of Bec for these past 7 days.
What gets you through a long tough week?

I’ve got a killer easter baked good idea in mind, so stay tuned!

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15 thoughts on “Weekly Saviours ~ Bits & Bobs

  1. Lovely post Becca! Ah, I have to say that I vote for the Birkenstocks though, just as I am terrible at walking in heels! I try, honestly I try, but I end up looking ridiculous 🙂 Maybe I should practice at home! Love the look of that chocolate cake… and yay for hot cross bun season! xx

    • Thank-you lovely Laura! 🙂
      There’s really an art to heels, I must say I still haven’t perfected it myself (I always try to not walk and go for the casual lean to help me keep standing sometimes hahha :P)
      You can never go wrong with Choccy cake 🙂
      And yay hot cross buns make me so happy 🙂
      Hope you have a great week! Xx

    • Me too! My new fave 🙂
      Go for it gal – you won’t regret it! They have so much comfort to give 😛

    • Thank-you very much Uru! 🙂
      I’m not entirely sure on the type of canon SLR it is, but I can get back to you on that one if you would like 🙂 and I use a 50mm f/1.8 lens.
      Hope your having a fab week!

    • Thank-you lovely!
      I just can’t wait to wear the heels 😀 and as for the Birkenstocks, I’m already in them every day 😛
      Have a fab week!

    • Hehe thanks Diana! 😀
      Aren’t they really somethin? I’m so excited to wear them 😀
      Hope you are having a fab week! X

    • haha you bet! – it truly does everyone the world of good 😛
      perfect mid-week pick-me up 😀 i
      totally craving some right now…..

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