Musings À La Mode: Not Over Overalls

vintage overalls and stripes
A hunt was begun about 3 years ago.
A vigorous, testing hunt. Requiring all levels of strength and perseverance.

Welllllllllll, maybe not that intense. But really, the hunt for the perfect pair of overalls have been quite the extended voyage.

vintage overalls and stripes

My not so normally picky behaviour coming out to play…
I didn’t want one of the skimpy tight overalls which hugged every lump and bump, absolutely destroying the idea of overalls being comfy, whilst also wanting a nice short length pair to lounge around in ultimate comfort throughout those hot summer days, and in this posts case, beautiful sunny Autumn days.
And with the weather turning cooler, why not wear a slouchy knit underneath?

vintage overalls and stripes
I’m going to be honest with you, (and incase you didn’t notice already) I’m a total comfort dresser. Pretty much everything I will post on here has to pass my comfort test.
Cause that’s what dressing it all about isn’t it? Dressing so you not only feel physically comfy, but so you yourself are also comfortable in what you are wearing. An element of self expression.
It’s fun like that isn’t it?

vintage overalls and stripes
Overalls are just so (excuse the lack of me being able to think of a better word this late at night) fun!
Really reigniting the childhood days. I remember having a pair myself when I was little, and absolutely wearing them to death for probably the same reason I wear them so much now, uber comfort (I probably would’ve said uber too)

So let me present to you one of the most comfortable pieces of denim that I have ever owned.
Found in one of my fave vintage clothing warehouse; Retrostar in Melbourne. Vintage bliss I tell ya.

vintage overalls and stripes

I officially pronounce the hunt for the perfect pair of overalls complete from thus far onwards! *self high-five!*

P.S. Yes I am also sporting the one and only (plus comfy– what can I say… comfort is a lifestyle) Birkenstocks, which I raved about in my previous post. These babies are pretty much worn everyday. It’s only too easy to slip them on and off.

Overalls: similar
Top: similar
Shoes: Birkenstocks
Vintage Bag: similar: similar
Jumper: Zara

Photos by the one and only gorgeous Chlo, my fave gal pal from the collaborative lifestyle blog Honey and Lulu, by Chloe & Sarah.
Check their wonderful blog out, you won’t regret it!

Thanks for stopping by!



6 thoughts on “Musings À La Mode: Not Over Overalls

  1. You are SO cute! Gorgeous photoshoot (I’d expect nothing less from Chloe, I love her and Sarah’s photography over at their blog) and sweet overalls. I used to have a pair of perfectly comfy ones (with long pants/jeans) when I was about 13 but I think they went to an op-shop somewhere when I headed off to uni. I regret it now as I’d love to dig them up again. Glad that your search was successful! xx

    • thank-you very much lovely 🙂
      isn’t her photography great!
      ahhh just one of the comfiest pieces I have ever owned, and so glad to finally find them!
      i hope you find another pair, they will bring you so much joy and comfort 😛
      a happy week to you! xx

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