Catchin’ Up

Hello there big internet world! I don’t know if you remember me… long time no talk! (and it’s killllllllllin’ me)
I’ve been absent for more time then I would’ve liked, buried beneath the vengeance of books, lectures and study…
* note: this is not normal for me, as I tend to procrastinate with a blog post, but haven’t even got round to that…*
ahh the shammmmmee
(although, yet here I sit, procrastinating study the digestive system… so I guess I’m still up to my old tricks!)

To break this blog post drought, I thought I may enlighten you with what’s been up on my Instagram feed as of lately, sounds fun, right?
It may not intrigue you, but hey, that’s how the cookie crumbles, and this is real life for me at the moment.

autumn leaves and blue skies{It’s official, Autumn is my favourite season}

smashed avocado on toast{Hands down one of my favourite smashed avo on toasts at Mr Hendricks}

plaid scarf and grey hat{new purchases to deplete money, but to make one happy. census? happiness overrules loss of money}

baskin and robbins ice-cream{post movie Praline and Cream ice-cream. it’s official, i’m going back for more}

hazelnut milkshake{revelation in the form of a hazelnut milkshake}

colourful orchids{colourful orchids brightening a gloomy saturday morning, in which we sprinted for cover before we got drenched and bought ponchos from the supermarket to get home dry}

Many perfuse apologies for lack of posts and a thousand virtual cookies being sent all your ways!
and in the mean time, let’s look forward to future recipes and other lifestyle musings all to come 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by!
(and hopefully see you round the bend soon)


12 thoughts on “Catchin’ Up

  1. I love this. I only just found you on Instagram today so I’ve already been gushing over your photographs! So happy to be entering the autumn months. Yay for cosy blankets, warm chai-spiced almond milk, leather boots and hats. LOVE that top photograph of autumn leaves against the sky. You really have an eye for composition. Hugs, good luck with your digestive system study – ick! xx

    • Thank-you very much lovely Laura! 🙂 yay! Just found you on insta! And such lovely photos you have on their like your blog!
      Me too! Couldn’t be happier about autumn 🙂 chai spiced almond milk sounds heavenly!
      Haha it should be fun studying it up! A lot of fascinating facts to be learnt 😛
      Hope your having a wonderful week!

    • thank-you very much! 🙂
      haha study forces me to venture out from time to time 😛
      hope your having a wonderful week!

    • thank-you! 🙂
      ah you won’t regret it! i believe the cafe said they just used hazelnut syrup… really could’ve been the real thing for all i knew 😛 so easy and so worth a try 🙂
      and one of my fave ice-creams! it was sooooo good!
      hope you’re having a great week!

    • thank-you! 🙂
      they make my life look 10 times more exciting than it really is 😛
      hope your having a wonderful week! 🙂

    • hahaha all sweet food is a total semester saviour 😛
      yeah i’m thinking of taking weekends off just to fully chill, it’s gonna be awesome! 😀
      what are you studying?
      hope all is well Uru!

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