Musings À La Mode: Wintery Beaches

winter beach fashion
As strange and opposite as it may sound, the beach in the colder months is actually one of my favourite and most relaxing places to be.
So peaceful, tranquil, and excuse becoming too deep and heartfelt, but it’s pretty much you and the ocean. Nothing but the sound of the sea.

Pure perfection.
Mother nature at her finest.

winter beach fashion

And for me (when I’m not walking along the beach in my raincoat and sloppiest pair of runners and trackies to stay warm), the autumn beach days call for floppy hats, jeans, slouchy jumpers, cozy scarfs and and pair of birkenstocks (so you can slip them off and still have that simple joy of sand between your toes, and cool water on your feet)

winter beach fashion

This hat is one of my favourite to date. I’ve seen them drifting in and out of stores, and decided it was time to pounce.
And, lemme tell you, no regrets.
Want a similar one?

The iconic sell a bang on similar one, PLUS if you want to save yourself some money have a look at for all the current The Iconic promo cods and discounts – win win!

winter beach fashion
If I had all day, i’d probs just bring down a good ol’ book, a furnace of hot chocolate and set up camp on the soft sand.

Chillaxing to the maximum.

Now that’s the life.
(I could pretty much go into retirement right now… forget the late nights and partying, I wanna cottage by the beach, complete with a wood fire and lots of blankets and cups of soup…. gurl can dream)

winter beach fashion
winter beach fashion
winter beach fashion
Once again, photos credits to the gorgeous Chlo from Honey & Lulu, a lovely lifestyle blog.

winter beach fashion
Zara Jumper similar, Target Scarf, Felt Hat similar, Zara Jeans similar, Bag, Birkenstocks

Where’s you favourite Winter getaway?

Thanks for stopping by!



12 thoughts on “Musings À La Mode: Wintery Beaches

    • Thank-you! 🙂
      Yeah me too! You wouldn’t even know it’s from there 😛 they’ve actually got some pretty nice stuff at the moment too! Xxx

    • Ahh I would give anything to be back there too 🙂
      Perfect weather and perfect beach!
      Thank-you very much 🙂

  1. Beautiful images! Must say I am jealous of the winter beach pics, which look positively summery when I compare them to almost-summer-in-Stockholm “beaches”* (read, large flat rocks + small dirt patches)

    • Thank-you lovely!
      Haha at least you’ve got gorgeous warner weather to look forward too 🙂 and even skirts and shorts! Yay! 😛
      Hope your having a great week 🙂

    • Thank-you! 🙂
      There’s just something so peaceful and calming about a winter beach 🙂
      This beach is in Point Lonsdale in Victoria, Australia 🙂

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