Road Trip Essentials

As we on both sides of the world are enjoying the transition in seasons (did I ever tell you my favourite season was Autumn?),
from Autumn going into Winter, and from Spring to Summer – it’s so exciting isn’t it!

One thing we have in common?
Well, apart from our adoration for a good dessert, and our appreciation for a beautiful view, you know what else?

We are both going to embark on some very exciting adventures!
Yes, for some of you that may mean reclining on the beach (which sounds heavenly), whilst for other’s a quick trip to the video store to curl up on the couch as the rain pours outside (that is an adventure in itself… don’t worry, I believe you.)

road trip                                                                   ^^ note above: my absolute dream car… gurl can dream^^^

But to be more specific, it’s what come’s between these destinations where the real fun lies.
“Whaaaa, a car trip? Don’t be silly….”

Road trips are actually one of the best part of the journey!
It’s where you decide to take the ‘scenic tour’ (a perfect disguise for loosing your way… I use this one a lot).
Or  you sing your hearts out to your favourite songs (not giving a rat’s ass about what other cars are thinking).
Or you pass the most delicious food around, stuffing it in so you can get more.
All whilst feeling the anticipation of arriving at the destination.

Just getting my licence, my ability to hit the open road has broadened and I just can’t wait!
(Snow covered slopes here I come!)
And perfectly timed as well;
RelayRides Road Trip Essentials campaign has asked my to share my must pack  road trip essentials.
RelayRides gives you the opportunity to rent out your car to other people, and visa versa.
What a fab way to earn a little pocket money or have temporary use of a car!
Win win i’ll say!

road trip essentialsFrom left to right:
Sunglasses; it’s undeniable, it’s the only way to beat that mid-day sun glare, but to be honest… i’d really wear sunnies even in the night if i could

CD’s; and this isn’t just any old CD collection… think: Coldplay – Ghost Stories, Phil Collins, Vance Joy Remix… and a whole lotta old tunes (cause that’s how I rolllllllllll)

Map; this may seem like common sense (or plain silly, cause why not use a phone?!) but I have this weird thing where I like the hard copy of things e.g. books, CDs (^^note no iPod above), and as you see here, a nice old map

Camera;  now you can snap away at your favourite moments, so you can remember the trip forever wieeeew, plus a polaroid camera would be a bonus (take note Santa)

Car; <<< seems like a dumb thing on this list, but far out, driving in a Combi Van for a road trip would just make things 10 times more exciting!
(think of all the room! disco in the back anyone?)

Doughnuts/Any Food; nuff’ said

Coffee; gotta stay alert? Gimme a coffay (a soy latte to be correct)

Book; they’ll be plenty of talking and laughter, but let’s say it’s a long journey – it’s time to get lost in a book! That is if you’re not driving of course…(and yes once again, hard copy… i’m weird, I know)

(all pictures via Pinterest)

What’s your Road Trip Essentials??

Thanks for stopping by!


10 thoughts on “Road Trip Essentials

    • Thank-you 🙂
      I couldn’t agree more – food, the one and only 😛
      And with a gps you’ll never got lost! Woooo

    • The best part of the trip tends to be the road trip doesn’t it! Haha 😛
      (It’s where you eat to much and sing to much)
      Thanks Uru!

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