Weekend Getaways

Australian beaches
What would life be without a lil’ road trip every now and then…
Cruising down the freeway, blasting the music, doin’ a little jivin (while of course keeping full focus on the road… hellllllooo P plater).

Last weekend was the perfect opportunity to hit to open road with the well anticipated concert of Boy & Bear.
And boy was it well worth the drive (see what I did there.. heh heh heh)
Do yo’ self a favour and check out their tunes, you won’t regret it!
Get ready to hope the relax express going straight to chill town.
My fave one of their’s at the moment: Old Town Blues.

boy and bear concert

Nothing better to top of a top notch weekend than beach walks, lazy brunches and good company – a recipe for success some may say!

chicken avocado sandwhich
autumn beef salad

beer battered chips{Winters Cafe is the home of possibly the best hot chips in the history of man… just saying’.}

Australian beach
queenscliff stores
mushroom bruschetta{Sunday brunching at its finest – thanks a bunch Cafe Amore!}

Point Lonsdale, Victoria, Australia
freckle waffle cone and ice-cream{The much admired Scandinavian Ice Cream Company in Queenscliff  never fails… except just after this photo was taken the ice-cream took a nice fall onto the ground… classic…}

beach walks
Having a serious ‘take me back’ / ‘throw back thursday’ (for a couple of weeks ago) moment right now.
If only all weekends could be spent by the beach, surrounded by good food and friends!

What were our road trip essentials for this weekend away?
Check them out here.

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Thanks for stopping by!

Daisy and the Fox beach

10 thoughts on “Weekend Getaways

    • You said it 🙂
      Just what you want in a weekend away! (Good food always lifts every trip 😛 )

    • It sure was Cass 🙂
      couldn’t agree with you more, it’s like the must order thing whenever you go out 😛 and luckkkky you! (mega jealous)
      they were sooooo good live! (if not better than cd dare i say)
      hope your having a great week!

  1. Boy and Bear are pretty much my favourite band of the moment (not that I can actually pick a favourite but.. well, ah! They’d be close to the top!). I love the song Harlequin Dream, I can listen to it on repeat although I am still trying to figure out what it means (don’t you hate that?!). I’m glad that you’ve had some wonderful breaks with beautiful people and good food. Oh yum… those mushrooms with feta! Yum! Beautiful post xx
    P.S sorry about several comments at once, I’ve missed so many lovely posts! Still catching up! x

    • I couldn’t agree more Laura! So nice to have a fellow fan friend of the band 🙂
      yess! that songs the besssssssst
      so true! what does that actually mean… lol 😛 such random titles sometimes haha
      it was so good Laura! food and friends make the ideal weekend doesn’t it 😀 ahh the mushroom goodness was soooo delishhh
      and it’s so lovely to hear from you! I’m off to your blog to check out the deliciousness I’ve been missing out on 🙂 xx

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