The Melbourne Cafe Collection ~ Top Paddock

Top Paddock Melbourne: the café capital of Australia. Well renowned for its vast café culture, of which has really thrived over the past couple of years, Melbourne has a lot of fabulous breakfast and lunch spots dotted all over the city, making it the ultimate destination for any foodie.

Being avid café goers and huge fans of cheeky weekend brunches, Chloe and Sarah (Honey & Lulu) and Bec (Daisy and the Fox) have teamed up to deliver a new collaborative blog series, that will be shared on both sites. Let us introduce The Melbourne Café Collection. Look forward to a compilation of our top breakfast and coffee spots around Melbourne, and recommendations of our menu favourites. And for those of you not living in Melbourne, it’s time to kick back and start making a list of your own must-visit eateries for when you’re here next.What better place to start the series than at one of Melbourne’s most popular breaky/brunch/lunch spots, Top Paddock ?

Located in one of Melbourne’s hip and happening suburbs, Richmond, this café is colourful, eclectic and polished. It boasts a bright and generous interior, with a cool, industrialised feel, and its friendly staff were the icing on the cake. The menu has a variety of fresh and seasonal produce on offer, with tantalising sweet and savoury options to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. The coffee was top notch, not to mention the cabinet full of mouthwatering Doughboys Doughnuts  at the front counter. It was clear that each dish had been carefully put together, and the café indeed set a very high standard of good coffee, scrumptious food and efficient staff, giving off an air of ease and sophistication. With its bustling, vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot to kick off your day.

Top Paddock{Top Paddock’s famous blueberry and ricotta hotcakes w/ berries + organic maple + double cream: definitely a must!}

Top Paddock Top Paddock{Seasonal Avocado w/ lime, sea salt & sourdough}

Top Paddock Doughboy Doughnuts{Doughboys Doughnuts}

Top Paddock Top Paddock
Top Paddock Doughboys Doughnuts{Doughboy’s Doughnuts: ‘Espresso’ & ‘Salted Caramel’}

Top Paddock Top Paddock Top Paddock Top Paddock Top Paddock
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14 thoughts on “The Melbourne Cafe Collection ~ Top Paddock

  1. Hey Bec! I love your collaboration (checking out Honey & Lulu as we speak!) and The Melbourne Cafe Collection series (I am really looking forward to all your next posts!). Top Paddock looks like an amazing place and being an avid café goer and huge fan of brunches myself, I must say coffee shops in Greece have still a long way to go(sigh!).

    • Thank-you very much Athina! 🙂
      We are looking forward to them too! (mostly the eating part haha 😛 )
      It’s soooo good! I’m gonna go as far as say the Ricotta Hotcake has been one of my favourite brunches, ever. big call but so true 🙂
      hope your having a great week!

    • you couldn’t be more right 😛
      the breakfast was absolutely outstanding 🙂 ticked all the boxes!
      i’m excited to go back for more 😀
      hope your having a great week!

    • 😛 So true!! It’s hard enough just to deicide what to order – everything just looks absolutely delicious (as i drool over other peoples food) 🙂

  2. Every time I travel to Melbourne I try to sample all of the breakfasts I can… such consistently good food, good coffee and funky venues. You are entirely right in saying it’s the cafe capital of Australia. Love the look of Top Paddock. Those floral pancakes… ah! Yum! Beautiful photos Becca! Must be fun to do a collaborative series with the lovely Chloe and Sarah (love those girls!) xx

    • It’s really so hard to pick a place for brunch sometimes 😛 (first world problems haha)
      It’s really my new favourite place! (i’m going again soon lol i just can’t keep away 😛 )
      and thank-you very much lovely Laura!
      it’s so much fun! nothing better than eating and hanging with friends 🙂

    • it’s so wonderfully designed and topped off with delicious food – what more could we want? 😛
      thank-you lovely lady! 🙂
      oh yes! or next time you come to Melbourne you can eat yourself silly in the form of brunch hehe
      hope your having a great week! xx

    • Thank-you very much Renee! 🙂
      Same here haha the list is continually growing!
      If I could give melbourne a hug… I would 😛
      Hope your having a lovely weekend 🙂

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