Birthday Breaky ~ Happy Birthday Mum!

IMG_8353-3A birthday only comes round once a year, so naturally, it’s gotta be made something fun.
Especially when it’s for someone who is thuper duper special.
In this case, it’s my one and only Mum (capitol letter intended) who is growing up one extra year (but always young at heart).
breakfast juiceWhat a better way to celebrate than with the most important meal of the day.
Pure genius in other words.

Pretty much everything you could ever want in a breaky in one room.
Bravo Mum. Bravo x 1000.
jam and breadLet’s visualise it shall we?
You got your basics; juice, fruit galore, granola, yoghurt, porridge (cause it’s Winter, duhhh), bread and jams
And the specials; pastry heaven (of course savoury and sweet), apple & berry crumble, rhubarb & pear compote (as featured here), banana bread
Bliss I tell ya!
granola breakfastAdd a fire place warming the whole room, a cool winters morning, coffee and tea (no brainer) and a room full of friends, it’s really a recipe for a success and a perfect kick off to not only the day but also a birthday celebration.
white flowersAnd aren’t those hand-written signs awesome!! Credits 100% to ma sister, you rocked it.
banana breadbreakfast juiceBut most importantly it was about celebrating a special day, and thanking mum for all she has done for me, really being there for me 24/7.
So, here’s another Happy Happy Birthday Mum! You deserve the swellest year and all the love in the world ❤me and mum

This party idea was clearly too awesome to keep to ourselves.
You’re welcome.

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Daisy and the Fox


22 thoughts on “Birthday Breaky ~ Happy Birthday Mum!

    • Thanks Anjana! it sure was 🙂
      mum planned it perfectly to a T, and it was so fun to prepare and put it all together 🙂

    • Aren’t they the best! I want my sis to start making cards to sell 😛
      Yeah haha no stone left unturned for the breakfast! couldn’t help keep adding food to the menu 🙂

    • thank-you very much! 🙂
      we couldn’t help but go all out – a worthy event 😛
      hope your having a great week!

    • thank-you very much Charissa! 🙂
      we had a lot of fun putting it together – especially the baking part 😛

    • Thank-you! 🙂
      It was so much fun to plan and put together!
      Hope your having a great week x

    • Thank-you very much! 🙂
      My sister is quite a pro when it comes to calligraphy 😛
      I hope she had the best day 🙂
      Have a great week! X

  1. OMG sharing this on pinterest – your mum is so lucky! I better not show this post to my mum, she will be crazy jealous 😛
    So much talent in one family, the calligraphy is incredible!
    What a gorgeous looking recipe!

    Choc Chip Uru

      • Thank-you very much Uru! 🙂
        she has such a steady hand with art! i’m trying to convince her to sell some hand written calligraphy cards 😛
        hopefully i’ll be able share the apple & berry crisp recipe soon 🙂
        your lovely comments never fail to make me smile!
        hope your uni holidays are rockin’ 🙂

    • Thank-you! 🙂
      It was the best breaky I’ve had in a while 😛
      Hope you have a good rest of the week!

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