Candle Convert ~ DIY Beeswax Candles {video}

DIY beeswax candlesTo be honest, i’ve never been much of a candle kid. (or should I say candle cid… nah that doesn’t work…)

But, as it goes, my sister is quite the fan, with always a few going to brighten and cosy up the room, and luckily for me, this whole candle thang kinda caught on.
Believe or not, but i’m in a little phase of burning a few whilst i’m chillin in bed and knocking over the pages of my newest reads.

Who would’ve thought?
A fairy light fanatic like me would go and add candles in the mix…

(Note to self; being the klutz you are, the fire fighters should always be on standby. Always)
DIY beeswax candlesWhilst I began lighting some candles that were previously collecting dust in my cupboards, I thought,
“you know what Bec, you can probs make these bad boys at home.”
And that’s pretty much what I went off and did.

Now, I kinda opted for the easiest candle making option, ya know how it is.
And the easiest one turns out to have the most benefits!
What is this magical ingredient you ask? (apart from the fact you probably read it in the title)
Some advantages? (I’ll make it short and sweet)
Environmentally Friendly
Naturally Fragranced
Long Burning
(thanks Beeswax Candle Craft for that info)

How good is all that! It’s totally a win win situation.
And that fragrance has the most comforting undertones of honey (and you know how I like my honey… here, here, and here)

DIY beeswax candlesIn terms of details of some of the items I used:
1kg of beeswax (makes around 1600ml of melted wax) and medium thickness wicks

So, enough beating around the bush, here’s the video!

(you can get it in HD on and it’s also on youtube)

P.s. that catchy song is Budapest by George Ezra

Tips from a first time candle maker:
1. Buy a soft beeswax, this will save your lil hands when cutting (trust me, I’m speaking from experience)
2. Use old saucepans and equipment, cause this waxy stuff ain’t easy to clean
3. Cut your wick longer rather than shorter, because it will burn down a lot on first lighting it (yep, this happened to me, and I may or may not of freaked out that there was going to be no wick to burn afterwards… but lone behold, we are right as rain)

AND if you have suffered a waxy spillage on carpet (where only human, and i’m a serious offender), boy do i have a solution for you;
heat an iron, place brown paper over the spillage and iron away a few times until the wax is removed!
(Now we can breath a little easier, knowing our candle spillage problems have an answer. Your welcome.)
DIY beeswax candles

Enjoy these super easy candles, bound to brighten your days 🙂

Hope your all having a fantastic week!
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6 thoughts on “Candle Convert ~ DIY Beeswax Candles {video}

    • thank-you very much! 🙂
      the hardest bit would’ve been cutting up all that wax (cause the wax i bought was very dried out) but i’m sure if you wax was softer it would be a breeze 🙂
      hope your having a great week!

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