Exciiiiiiiting News!

Howdy there folks!
I’d like say long time no talk, but really I only posted 2 days ago… there ya go, a procrastinator like me already back in the posting game 48 hrs later, who would’ve thought!

Annnnnyways, your probably a little bit curious and wondering why on earth I would title a post ‘Exciiiiiting News’… it leaves a bit to the imagination so I won’t keep it from you too long.

blog photo collage 1
Kidding, I lied, I won’t keep it from you for any longer at all friends, because;
A) I may or may not have hours of Uni work callin’ ma name… and I can only say “please be quiet” to them for so long (okay, well maybe I say it a little more aggressively then that… but then assignments don’t talk… so just forget that.. bare with me.. I’m going blame the sleep deprivation k?)
and B) it’s pretty darn exciting!

Daisy and the Fox is a finalist for the 2014 Pedestrian.tv Blogster Awards

Now how cray cray is that!

Anywho, if you think Daisy and the Fox is a “worthy lurking ground”, jump on over to the Daisy and the Fox profile to vote!
As well as vote for all the other ah-maz-ing blogs that are up there as well, man there’s some serious talent out there!

Blogster-blog-badgeMassive hugs and virtual cookies being sent your way in advance chums!
And the biggest thank-you to everyone who has support this little foodie contribution to the internet over the last few years 😀
You make ma blog world go round! And keep me inspired and upbeat to continue this fun little creative space, where anything goes 🙂
blog collage 2
As always, thanks for stopping by!daisy-and-the-fox-sign-off


12 thoughts on “Exciiiiiiiting News!

    • Aww thanks so much Uru!!! 😀
      Your the biggest gem! ❤
      You've always been the sweetest blogger friend! 🙂

      Hope Uni isn't too cray at the moment!

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