Sunny Days Ahead

hike 3 to beach
jump hike
flowes flower market watermelon picking fruit

Well, that word on it’s own is enough to strike fear in even the burliest looking man.
It ain’t fun, and it certainly ain’t something I look forward to with anticipation….

But, on the other hand, there’s always the super super sunny prospect of Summer holidays after exams.
You could pretty much call it the rainbow following the storm if ya wanna, cause I tots am.

And boy, is my rainbow gonna be bursting with colour!
So much to do, so much to see, and I’m gonna have the time to do it!
“jump jump jump around”

So, i’ve been kinda compiling a ‘holiday to-do list’ in my head… and as per usual, I’m are genially concerned i’m gonna forget it one mornings when I’m in the note cramming mode, ya know how it is…

Here it is,  both for your general entertainment and… well I guess for my mental well-being too…

1. Do a day trip to the beach (plus fish in chips, cause what would the beach be without it?)
2. Have a camping trip… and maybe, possibly, potentially sleep under the stars
3. Go strawberry picking. So going strawberry picking.
4. Bake christmas goodies like. there. is. no. tomorrow.
5. Go on a mini day mountain hike
6. Play some guitar. Scratch that, actually learn some guitar. (and play fully sick as songs)
7. Hop the Game of Thrones boat, and get hooked like the rest of the world
8. Read a hella lotta books like a boss
9. Revamp room, so it’s mega awesome, cosy, and colourful
10. Bloggity blog blawg blog blog bloggy blog
And of course, this won’t be able to be done without money so…
11. work my absolute butt off to afford this cray cray lifestyle

Let the countdown to freedom begin!
(and let’s see if I can fulfil all my Summer aspirations…. check back with me in 3 months… and I’ll probs say something like ‘Ahhh at least I don’t need to write another list for next Summer!’)

What are you planning to do on your next holiday break? I’d love to know 🙂

P.S. All pictures from Pinterest



6 thoughts on “Sunny Days Ahead

  1. Lurve! Omg that sunshine and that cliff diving. Are these all pics of you having ungainly summer fun? I love making to-do lists! You’re totally going to rock it, especially that book thang (like a boss). Uhhhm my list includes baking myself out of kitchen and home, shipping out more Etsy orders, and reading fantasy books on the lawn all day every day. Now if only school would cooperate and let us have fun!

    • thanks lovely Ala! 🙂
      and nahh, i wish! all pictures from the fabulous pinterest 😛
      hehehe i have the biggest pile of books to read, it’s gonna be so RAD!
      Ahhh baking like cray is gonna be the best! can’t wait to see everything you whip up 😀
      and oh yes, Etsy of course! online shopping to da maxxx
      Hope study is going all well! 🙂

  2. Bec I swear, I wish these photos were real for us 😛 Best of luck for your exams and then enjoy the summer fun like you have never enjoyed it before! You totally deserve it 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Me too Uru, wouldn’t that be the best! 😛
      All the best with your exams too! 🙂
      You’ll smash em’, i just know it 😀
      See you on the other side, with all our freedom! 😀

    • Thank-you! 🙂
      I must admit, when i see all the pictures of a cold winter christmas, i am a little jealous 😛
      hope all is well!

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