Coffee Is The Word

cafe latteI reckon, I reckon… we all have a bit of a ‘coffee coming of age’ story… if I may.

For one, my friend can remember from still being in the single digits of age and her mum deciding to buy her coffee instead of hot chocolate to break a lil’ bit of the sweet obsession, and she’s never looked back.
My mum reminisces her time back in Romania, walking through the streets with a fresh loaf of bread, and inhaling that deliciously intoxicating smell of freshly ground coffee, she too, never looked back.

For me, at the tender age of 16 I was determined to break into the mature world of coffee drinking, and a yearning to be able to wrap my head around ‘what drives adults so crazy about this brown bitter tasting drink, and why on earth are they preferring it to hot chocolate – what the!?’
I began with baby steps, calling on all the help I could get from syrup sweeteners to mocha, then from time, dedication, serious caffeine drinking, many a coffees later, here I am, an ammeter coffee drinker.
Ahhh it’s been a long, tough journey, but oh so worthwhile.


Wether coffee be a result of the struggle to stay awake or the reason you get up every monday… coffee… is. da. word.
Ya feelin’ me brah?

flat white coffeeCoffee is so personal… and this is gonna sound crayzay, like i’m some coffee philosopher or somethin’ (which I’m so totally not) but I reckkkkon, coffee plays a little part in our self identification (woahhhh say what, dis chick talking cray… somebody call Dr Philll!)

Well… I’m not in some identity crisis or what, but I gotta put it out there, finding your personal coffee order is such a venture of it’s own… cause far out, with all the milks, strengths and flavours to choose from… you may just spend a lifetime with froth moustaches before you discover yo’ coffee… if ya know what I mean…
(sometimes I don’t even know what I mean… maybe it’s the coffee talkin’?)

But wait, why on earth did Bec just do a whole post on coffee??
That’s a bit rando Bec… Do you need Oprah?

It’s k guys… I got this…
I’ve had a coffee vent on my mind for a while now… it’s just sah deep ya know? sah many levels?
latteI think, particularly breaking in to adult life and all, coffee is actually becoming quite an integral part of my life (look at me, being all grown up and using big words like integral).
Some call is sleep deprivation, I call it good socialisation skills. Cause, let’s be honest, how can you live in Melbourne and not organise catchups where you chin wagg for hours over a humble cup of coffee?

PLUS there’s that whole ‘having a cool as coffee order that just roles of the tongue’ kinda thang.. or is that just me…
You know the ones… in those manhattan chick flick rom coms, where this sassy as gal strides into starbucks and whips out this precise coffee order, which leaves me thinkin…. what on earth is a grande, and since when does a coffee that big exist?!
Coffee lingo to a whole nudda level!cafe latteSo with all this rambling, where am is Bec with coffee at the moment?

Well, I’m glad you asked… (imaginary person….)
I’m in a current state of a “skinny hot latte”.
Why skinny milk?
Some say it froths better…
Why extra hot? Cause I’m a fool, who likes everything I drink to be super hot
Why a latte? Cause it’s frothy and funn…. geeez what’s with all the questions

Saying that… I’m contemplating a cappuccino moment… you could say I’m still finding my coffee identity


What’s your coming of age coffee story and coffee order?

p.s. all photos from my instagram feed.


16 thoughts on “Coffee Is The Word

  1. I love hearing those coffee orders on TV or movies, very intricate and you wonder how the people who work in those coffee places keep it all together. It really can sound like that. I have been drinking coffee since I was a child, 6 years old is the earliest recollection. I remember, only on weekends very light and sweet but I was allowed a small cup of coffee with my weekend breakfast. I love coffee and have a big cup every morning, I rarely get it at a coffee place I bring my own everywhere. Wish I could make that pretty decoration in the foam like you did.

    • I agree! those people behind the cash registers must have superpowers of something haha
      6 years old, you go gurl! You must be a coffee connoisseur! Best way to kick off the day isn’t it 🙂
      hehe i wish i did those patterns, all from cafes – such a talent coffee art is, isn’t it 😀

  2. I cannot get enough of coffee. I was a tea drinker in my teens, and then when I started work in my 20s, coffee was an essential part of the whole “keeping alert and staying sharp” corporate routine! I gave in to all the old wives’ tales and gave up coffee for a year when I had the little one. After that, there has been no looking back and I.Love.My.Coffee.Period!

    • hehe I hear ya Anjana! 😀
      we couldn’t live without it could we 😛
      Once the tired get tough… the coffee must get going 😛
      Ahh what would as gals do without it… hehe

    • It’s gorgeous isn’t it Mikayla 🙂
      It blows my mind watching them do the patterns, such a talent it is! 😀

    • Ooo Shelley, your the BEST kind of people ordering at starbucks!
      long as orders are da bomb! 😀
      and mmmm that coffee sounds like a winner to me 🙂

  3. Aaah I wish I could share your love for coffee but it just doesn’t work – even if your photos are super tempting!
    Can we compromise and say I love mocha? 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

    • I hear ya Uru! My sister is just like you haha she’s all for a tea, but almost gags at the smell of it 😛
      But i must say, mochas rock ma socks off! 😛
      hope your exams went well 🙂

  4. I started my coffee journey with mochas and now I am a soy (why soy? dunno!) latte drinking but also love a long mac. Funny how you start to enjoy it more and more and develop favourites, I used to HATE coffee!!!!! Good post. Bec x

    • mochas are the best way to break into the coffee cycle isn’t it 🙂 and yes, i used to have soy too! i actually really enjoyed the taste 😛
      ahhh i guess now we couldn’t imagine our life without coffee! 😛 hehe i used to hate it too
      hope all is well Bec! xx

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