Viaggiare Italia – Travelling Italy


Ever dreamed of a land where pizza, pasta and gelati reign supreme? Answer-ITALY

A place where the country-side is so elegant, yet so rustic you would happily set up camp and live there forever? Answer- ITALY

A place where history jumps out at you (in a good way) from every corner?… You guessed it – ITALY

{Best gelati shop in Rome – it took forever to decide the 3 flavors – i guess you can see why – there were three more rows like this one with different flavors}

During April this year I travelled with my school to Italy to experience a once in a life time opportunity – really, I always find myself dreaming my way back! Touring our way through the cities and country towns and eating! (having at least one pizza and pasta a day – ohhh yeahh – would you believe I came back even more obsessed with pasta than before! If that’s even possible…)

{View over Lucca, from a tower with a tree on top!}

We firstly stayed in Rome for a few days, which in one word… well I can’t really put it in one word… I can’t even begin to describe this amazing city (there you go, one word – amazing). Visiting all the historic sights – really breath taking moments to finally be experiencing the place in person! After that we traveled to Mondavio, a small country village, and from there we ventured to Urbino, Venezina (the city surrounded by water!), San Marino, Senigallia, Lucca, Milano, Firenze, Prato and Pisa.


If you were to ask my favorite place… well it’s like tossing up between about 10 things on a menu… impossible!! Although I must say, the Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi) was a big hit for me. It’s 1 coin tossed in the fountain for a trip back to Rome, 2 coins for a new romance, and 3 coins for marriage or divorce. I didn’t have any euro coins on me… so I tossed in an Australian 10c, I don’t know wether that will change my luck…   I guess I’m just going to have to go back and do it properly!! :)

{Fontana di Trevi – Trevi Fountain}

Every city brought its own flavor and we also learnt about the culture, lifestyle and history of each one. Along with shopping! and to be honest: once you start to shop you cannot stop! I’m pretty sure I used every last euro to the cent – money well spent I say! (one of the many was a second hand leather wallet for 3 euros – bargin!)
I must admit, I’m really enjoying being able to say: “yeah, i got this in Milan” or watching TV programs and saying “BEEN THERE, BEEN THERE, BEEN THERE”.

{il Duomo – Milan – I like to refer to it as the ‘Fairy Ice Castle’}

Italy is such a beautiful country, rich in culture, cuisine and history. I encourage you all to experience this magnificent country for yourselves! (plus my writing does not give it the justice it deserves!!)
And one quick tip: enjoy and embrace every minute (every second) you are there, really appreciate it, common sense i know, but wow, how times flys when you’re having fun! :)

{Sitting on the Spanish Steps – Rome}

{My home-made Pizza – Mondavio}

{il Colosseo – the Colosseum – Rome}

{San Marino}

{View from San Marino}


{Pizza – one of life’s greatest gifts – Mondavio}

{I’m sure these land mark needs no introduction – The Leaning Tower of Pisa – Pisa}

I hope you enjoyed the pictures from the trip (there’s plenty more where they came from! to be exact = 1,739 pictures… I could’ve taken more!)

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Have a great end to the week and thanks for stopping by!


16 thoughts on “Viaggiare Italia – Travelling Italy

  1. Wow…I am absolutely gobsmacked that you went to Senigallia? That is where my italian family lives now…never thought of it as a tourist destination, what did you guys do there? I spent many a holiday there in my youth! Gorgeous pics by the way!

    • thank-you Katia! 🙂
      Shopping is inevitable in Italy! literally shop till you drop 🙂 and everything there is just so rustic and beautiful – just like a dream! very surreal
      the food is just… like nothing else! i think i had at least 1 pasta dish and 1 pizza dish a day while i was there 😛

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