Christmas Time with Raspberry Shortbread Stars

Hello hello folks! Just letting y’all know, if you’re still linked to my old blog site, there’s a new post over at the new site;! This post we’re going all Christmasy with these insaaaaanely moorish Raspberry Shortbread Stars! Here’s a quick lil’ link here Plus, here’s a sneak peak merry friends! Merry Christmas! Advertisements

Twas the Night Before Christmas….

As all Christmas stories begin… I really feel I should say; “Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse” But really, if I were to be honest…  not 5 minutes ago was the house filled with laughs and excitement as the family gathered around the […]

DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

You know the old saying? (wait… I should probably elaborate more…) The one that people pull out when a gift doesn’t really tickle that person’s fancy… You know the one… “It’s the thought that counts” *insert fake smile* Well, sometimes there is a whollle lotta thought and with these inspirations, a minimal amount of effort, we […]

Fuel for Santa ~ Cinnamon & Almond Swirl Cookies

In the realms of spices and Christmas, there is 2 particular ones ‘halllaaa[ing]’ my name. Ginger (dahhh) and the well beloved Cinnamon (capital letter intended) Cinnamon and I go wayyy back, to the days where we chilled with apple, on pancakes, and onto every food that it sung harmonies with. That’s right, as I’m sure you all […]

DIY Pom Pom Garland

Spring. Hmm… What connotations does this season have…? New birdies chirping in their nests (and swooping at that too might I add…) Blooming of flowers Longer days and nights Warmer weather It all sounds nice and blissful until I drop the bombshell… I hate to mention the taboo word… but… “Spring cleaning” Yep. That’s it. […]

Tis the Season to make Cake Pops

As Christmas whirls at us at a rapid pace the days continue to become warmer, the presents begin to make an appearance under the tree and the carols continue to play louder and louder as we sing along to our favorite songs. One of these holidays fun baking experiments was Cake Pops! Seeing these everywhere […]

Stained-Glass Christmas Cookies

With Christmas not right around the corner any more, but in fact right in front of us the air is even more so filled with Christmas cheer, the ever comforting pine smell, the anticipation of presents and the coming together of families and friends! Isn’t it such a wonderful time of the year!? I was […]