Life According to Instagram

Howdy there folks! I thought i’d do a lil’ instagram catchy up thang with y’all cause well… this is me chillin on a thursday night and also me wanting to post more Sooooo as you can see, it’s a wholllle lotta florals and food according to my insta, nothings changed here! Cause sometimes there is seriously […]

Procrastibaking with Brownie Dulce De Leche Cookie Sandwiches

I’m not a master of many things… But, I mean I CAN beat my sister in an arm wrestle (soooo did not see that coming… who thought these wet pieces of string had some sort of muscle..), and I CAN conquer monster sandwiches… but one of the few things I will always be the master of? […]

Fuel for Santa ~ Cinnamon & Almond Swirl Cookies

In the realms of spices and Christmas, there is 2 particular ones ‘halllaaa[ing]’ my name. Ginger (dahhh) and the well beloved Cinnamon (capital letter intended) Cinnamon and I go wayyy back, to the days where we chilled with apple, on pancakes, and onto every food that it sung harmonies with. That’s right, as I’m sure you all […]

Stained-Glass Christmas Cookies

With Christmas not right around the corner any more, but in fact right in front of us the air is even more so filled with Christmas cheer, the ever comforting pine smell, the anticipation of presents and the coming together of families and friends! Isn’t it such a wonderful time of the year!? I was […]

Christmas Presents You Can Eat!

One of the most loved times of Christmas I’m sure you’re all familiar with is the giving and receiving of presents. That excitement and anticipation as you rip off the wrapping paper and your eyes gaze upon your new possession! Ahh the good times. As apart of our groups annual end of school celebration we […]