The Sandwich Series ~ The Ultimate Burger; Lamb Harissa & Halloumi Burger

I’m gonna be honest with you… I am seriously not the gyms greatest friend. I couldn’t think of anything worse then running on a treadmill as the seconds drag on, in what seems to be hours. But what I DO enjoy is a noice casual jog in the great outdoors. Time travels faster, and i’m not fixated […]

Cheats Apple & Berry Crumble

Let’s have a quick little throw back to Mum’s Birthday Breaky shallllll we? If you read the post, you’ve probably heard all about the occasion. But there was one tiny (yet delicious) detail that I may or may not of delved into at the time – you see I thought ahead in anticipation for this […]

Candle Convert ~ DIY Beeswax Candles {video}

To be honest, i’ve never been much of a candle kid. (or should I say candle cid… nah that doesn’t work…) But, as it goes, my sister is quite the fan, with always a few going to brighten and cosy up the room, and luckily for me, this whole candle thang kinda caught on. Believe or not, […]

Bread Appreciation with Garlic & Herb Swirly Bread

Carbs have been given such a bad rep. I mean, I kinda feel pretty bad for them. All this deep repugnance towards them whilst forgetting the beautiful role that they play. Carbs are only a full on hero in bread, and to be honest, bread is the absolute bomb. I would say ‘bread is the best […]

Staying Warm in Winter with Cinnamon Spiced Hot Chocolate

For me, Winter is all about curling up with a good ol’ book by the fire to escape the cold. But obviously this scene would not be complete without a nice warm cuppa. Yep, sometimes I brew a mug of peppermint tea, but sometimes i’m like ‘ummmmmmmmmmm i actually feel like a cheeky hot choccy’ […]

Vanilla Pound Cake with Rhubarb & Pear Compote

I’m kinda brain dead and dunno really what to say… I blame the lack of brain activity these holidays. It’s sorta a eat, sleep, tv repeat type of situation (and chuck in some socialisation for good measure). The big event of the week these holidays is Mum’s upcoming Birthday Breaky. This means menu planning and a […]

Celebrating Mushrooms ~ Mushroom & Onion Thyme Puff Pastry Tart

There’s one thing I get really excited about when I find we have it in stock (well, actually quite a few… but lets focus on this particular goodness); mushroomsss! the next thing I check? Thyme. It’s only right, the two just go hand in hand, and the smell…. mmmm… just perfection. I could rave about […]