Dessert Time ~ Hazelnut & Raspberry 5 Minute Mug Brownies

There’s a saying you learn in childhood. It appears around the end of dinner time, and rings true to most weeknights (especially when there a baked goods and ice-cream lying around). Can you guess? (well I guess I really haven’t given enough clues have I…) Well, anyway, I’m just gonna say it and put it right out there. I […]

Weekend Getaways

What would life be without a lil’ road trip every now and then… Cruising down the freeway, blasting the music, doin’ a little jivin (while of course keeping full focus on the road… hellllllooo P plater). Last weekend was the perfect opportunity to hit to open road with the well anticipated concert of Boy & Bear. And boy was […]

Catchin’ Up

Hello there big internet world! I don’t know if you remember me… long time no talk! (and it’s killllllllllin’ me) I’ve been absent for more time then I would’ve liked, buried beneath the vengeance of books, lectures and study… * note: this is not normal for me, as I tend to procrastinate with a blog […]

Celebrating Freedom

“And now [i’m] back, from out of space….” Well… I’m not sure wether quoting the lyrics of ‘I Will Survive’ is the best way to celebrate my return from the previous life of being snowed under by exams and THE COMPLETION OF SCHOOL! (crazy dance) – but ya know, let’s role with it… naturally even after […]

Summer Delights: Choc-Coconut Ice-cream Sandwiches

As I can remember ever since I was little, on those roasting hot Summer Days, Mum would come home with special Summer Delights. One of the most eagerly awaited was those addictive chocolate biscuit and vanilla ice-cream sandwiches. With ease we could clear box after box, happily nibbling (or devouring….) away at those simple Summer […]

Macadamia & Honeycomb Ice-cream with a Brown Sugar Syrup

As Summer approaches our days on this side of the globe are growing warmer, warmer and warmer! Last week we almost reached 40C! So, sadly it’s time to put those comfort warm puddings and pies aside and bring out the re-freshing and chilled ice-cream! So when I stumbled upon this simple recipe from ABC delicious, […]