Candle Convert ~ DIY Beeswax Candles {video}

To be honest, i’ve never been much of a candle kid. (or should I say candle cid… nah that doesn’t work…) But, as it goes, my sister is quite the fan, with always a few going to brighten and cosy up the room, and luckily for me, this whole candle thang kinda caught on. Believe or not, […]

Sunday at the Markets

Sundays I generally sleep in, get up and maybe do a cheeky little baking sesh and thennnn maybe sleep a little more (but of course a walk… who can forget the dog). But when I do get up early on a Sunday, it’s for a purpose (and determination) to get to the Sunday Market and […]

Dessert Time ~ Hazelnut & Raspberry 5 Minute Mug Brownies

There’s a saying you learn in childhood. It appears around the end of dinner time, and rings true to most weeknights (especially when there a baked goods and ice-cream lying around). Can you guess? (well I guess I really haven’t given enough clues have I…) Well, anyway, I’m just gonna say it and put it right out there. I […]

Celebrating Freedom

“And now [i’m] back, from out of space….” Well… I’m not sure wether quoting the lyrics of ‘I Will Survive’ is the best way to celebrate my return from the previous life of being snowed under by exams and THE COMPLETION OF SCHOOL! (crazy dance) – but ya know, let’s role with it… naturally even after […]

Musings À La Mode: Black & White

This is the beginning of a exciting new series, ‘Musing À La Mode’, full of the fashion trends and the inspirations they spark so we are able to DIY own trendy clothing, and rock it without breaking the bank. If there’s one great song by the King of Pop (AKA Michael Jackson, only one of the greatest […]

Bits & Bobs – Summer Lovin’

As the beginning of the year is upon us we find ourselves baring new gifts, looking for new inspiration, exploring new ideas and trying to keep up new resolutions. So far 2013 has failed to disappoint with so many new fab things that continue to catch my attention and create new spurrings in that wee […]