Homemade Vanilla Almond Macadamia Milk {how-to video}

If someone told me a year ago that nuts can make milk, I would’ve said “well, then I’m a seahorse”. Cause that’s just ridiculous right? But I guess this time, the joke was on me. That’s right, nuts can make milk (even though they lack udders… we gotta be blunt here, it’s serious milk stuff […]

Will you be my Valentine ‘Rustic Strawberry & Pistachio Galette’?

Valentines Day. This day can mean different things for differenct people. For me? Well, it’s just another day to be, quote, “allllll byyyy myyysee-eh-elfff”, and another excuse to smash my face into another smashing baked good (see what I did there?) When thinking of something to somewhat acknowledge this loved-up day, what first came to […]

Morning Get-up: Maple, Cinnamon & Vanilla Bean Roasted Strawberries

What is a day without filling it with 3 delicious meals to base it around? Breaky is what gets me up in the morning (not the fact that I need to go to school…) Lunch is what gets me through those long mornings, dreaming of that delicious sandwich waiting for me in the fridge. Dinner […]

Strawberry Banana Bread with a Coconut Crumble

As the warmer months draw nearer (well… actually we are in Summer, although we have experienced numerous winter like days!) I captured the final opportunity during this cooler day and used the last three browned bananas and made a special twist on well loved banana bread! The strawberries add a fun surprise and extra sweet […]

Christmas Cheer

Christmas is right around the corner, as I’m sure you’re all aware. Less than a month away now!! I’m so excited! Every year at the start of December mum and I pull down all the decorations collecting dust in the cupboard and arrange them around the house, bringing out the lovely pine smell and re-igniting […]