Musings À La Mode: Purple Rain

Purple Outfit
There’s something about every season of the year that I love…

Summer; beach, long days, ice-cream… nuff’ said.
Autumn; as the leaves start to turn to all shades of orange and fall off trees… it’s like snow… but not…
Winter; there’s nothing better then curling up on the couch as the rain pours outside, am I right?
Spring; flowers blooming, weather warming.. it’s my birthday (so that adds extra brownie points)

Purple Outfit
Being away from an Australian Summer in Italy this year meant extra cosy weather… so what does that mean for me?

Purple Outfit
Knits, winter hats and everything in between.

Purple Outfit
So when I stumbled across these loveable (and cosy!) purple items amongst much shopping in Italy, this could only mean one thing.

Purple Outfit
It was time for rain. No, not water rain. It was time for Purple to raiiin supreme in the Italian winter.
(See what I did there?..)

Purple Outfit
Purple OutfitJeans: Zara, Knit: Zara similar, Hat: similar, Bag: similar, Shoes: Sportsgirl

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daisy and the fox


10 thoughts on “Musings À La Mode: Purple Rain

    • thank-you very much Uru! 🙂
      I wish i could be wearing it now… to bad for this massive heat wave huh 😛

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