DIY Chalkboard

DIY chalkboardI’m sure we all remember the days where we learnt our life skills, how to solve equations, how to spell, where to put that comer (although I still get that consistently wrong), which was the letter to avoid the stick figure getting hung (hang-man) – I could really go on forever with this list. Most of these abilities were due to the humble use of the chalkboard, I know for one is was always an honor to be chosen to clean the board at the end of the day (and then beating the two dusters together and getting greeted by a cloud of chalk smoke). Now with whiteboards roaming the academic world for the past few years I thought it only fitting for the chalkboard to make a come back.
As much as  I would’ve loved to paint a wall in the kitchen to fill with ‘must make recipes’ and the weekly meals (I know that would’ve not gone down well with mum)
I decided the time was fitting to make one of own to place up on my wall and fill with notes, quotes, ideas, and anything that floats my boat!
Now I would love to share and inspire you to make one of your own!
It doesn’t have to be a board though that you paint – it could be a cupboard door, or a desk top, even a mug! (oooo I’m keen now I’m so excited to do all of these myself now!)
So here are some simple steps to creating your own, personalized blackboard!

You will need:
blackboard DIY+ PVA wood glue
+ pegs

Let’s get started!
1. Making sure the wood is nice and clean apply the first coat of paint and leave over night to fully dry. Apply at least 2 coats to ensure an even, thick coveragechalkboard paintDIY chalkboardDIY chalkboard2. Cut your wood lace to fit the wood frame and dot a thin line of PVA wood glue along the middle back of the wood lace
PVA apply wood lace
4. Press the wood lace to the edges of the wood and hold down with pegs and leave overnight to dryDIY chalkboard5. Remove pegs and attach to your wall, and guess what… All done!! Now decorate and enjoy!!
DIY chalkboard
DIY chalkboard
DIY chalkboardThe great thing is that you can use your left over chalkboard paint and use them for all sorts of fun creations!


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