Ode to Winter

As much as we spend all year longing for the summer, there is something I’m going to miss about these colder months.

The smell of a burning wood fire keeping someone cozy and warm.
Curling up with a good book and a blanket.
Kicking back with a delicious winter warmer meal.
Hearing the rain pitter patter outside, knowing your are warm and safe indoors.
Snuggling up in bed with no need to got outside.

You gotta admit. Winter has its perks!

Here are some pictures of what I love about the season, and makes me long for winter all year round.snow tree tunnel

{Snow Tunnel – phoenix-legend.tumblr.com }

Spiced Pumpkin Soup with crusty bread{Spiced Pumpkin Soup w/ bread – pysznekadry.blogspot.nl }
Deer in snow{Mother Nature’s Winter}

Rainy Day Reading{ Rainy Day Reading }

Blueberry hazelnut clafoutis{ Blueberry Hazelnut Clafoutis – leeksoupblog.com }
Fresh snow{Perfection in the form of snow – dslagle.tumblr.com }

warm cuppa{ Lazy days with a warm cuppa – alifelivedwell.tumblr.com }

cozy by the fire{ Cozy by the fire – catherine-mary.tumblr.com }

{ Comforting bowl of Spaghetti – drizzleanddip.com }

tea & scrabble {Cold weather essentials = warm cuppa + board game – flickr.com }

Makes you smile doesn’t it?

I’ll give you a few moments to reminisce…..

Lucky people on the other side of the world going to this cozy season!
Embrace the chill my friends! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!



18 thoughts on “Ode to Winter

  1. I love fall and winter, it’s my favorite time of year for exactly what you said. Don’t get me wrong summer has it’s perks for sure (fruit and vegetables) but I love being warm inside when it’s freezing outside, I look forward to apples and pumpkins and crisp cool air. Love the photo’s, makes me happy!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more!! 🙂 i just love to cherish those moments where its bucketing rain outside and your curled up nice and warm – close to perfection! 😛
      oooo lucky you! (i’ve gotta admit.. i am slightly jealous 😛 )
      hoping for a white christmas??

      thank-you for your lovely comments! 😀

    • virtual high five to winter!! 😛

      i dont think we’ve had trials, in melbourne it’s a bit different haha 😛
      but hey! guess what?! not long now my friend! i’m sooooo excited! 😀
      it’s only a matter of weeks of actual learning left – then it’s exam revision – how crazy!?

      hope all your study and work is going well! Best of luck! 🙂
      i know you’ll do great! 🙂


    • it does doesn’t it! just couldn’t resist putting it on
      even though it could be classified more summery, i would be as happy as larry curling up with a good serve of the blueberry clafoutis on a winter day! 😛

  2. This is such a gorgeous post Becca! You are so right, there are heaps of things to love about winter. In fact, I’m curled up on the couch in a blanket right now, cosy and warm… soon it’s going to be hot consistently and I’ll miss these cold mornings and nights snuggled in front of the TV. Thanks for the recipe links. Yum! Hugs to you beautiful!! xx

    • thank-you so much lovely! 😀
      ooo don’t you love it! those moments are the best!

      you hit the nail on the head my friend! cold mornings cuddled up in front of the tv are perfection! 😛 it’s just not the same in summer.
      Speak of winter, its bucketing rain right now, and i’m curled up nice and warm… ahh the serenity 😛

      no worries! 😀 i really want to try that clafoutis 😛

      hugs to you as well gorgeous! xx

  3. Love all of the above! We’re just coming out of our ‘winter’ so last night had potato and fennel gratin with pear/chocolate crumble PLUS proper custard. These comfort meals will finish in a few weeks and we’ll be back to quiche and salad 🙂

    • thank-you! 🙂

      oooo that sounds like a winter perfect meal!! yum!
      im really gonna miss these comfort – stick to your lungs – warm the cockles of your heart meals!
      we had a green chicken curry on a rainy night today – which in my eyes, is a day well done 😛

      enjoy the rest of winter my friend!

  4. So odd to be looking at these pictures while we are still in summer mode in this hemisphere – rather than reminiscing, it’s making me look forward to the {nice} parts of winter: a warm drink, a hot fire, a cozy blanket, and a good book. 🙂 Here’s to your upcoming summer!

    • oooo yes! lucky you! 🙂
      a white christmas i hope?

      it should be great! summer + complete freedom + ice-cream + beach = pure excitement 😛

  5. For the first time ever I am actually excited for winter. My husband and I are currently living in Germany. This year will be our first winter here. I am so looking forward to the Christmas markets. Hot tea. Snuggly scarves. It gives my the warm-fuzzies just thinking about it.

    • ahh you’ve hit the nail on the head!! your winter sounds dreammy 🙂 and in Germany – how beautiful!
      and those Christmas markets – i would love to see photos!
      have a great one! 😀

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