Procrastibaking with Brownie Dulce De Leche Cookie Sandwiches

Brownie Ducle de Leche Cookie SandwichesI’m not a master of many things…
But, I mean I CAN beat my sister in an arm wrestle (soooo did not see that coming… who thought these wet pieces of string had some sort of muscle..), and I CAN conquer monster sandwiches… but one of the few things I will always be the master of?

I’m actually a full on pro.
Making up tasks out of thin air is really quite a skill as I’m sure many of you understand.
Why is it we always notice the garden needs a mow, when an assignment is due the next day?
Or that a highly intricate dinner is in order, when a whole bunch of work could be done in that time?

Well, of course we have a life to lead rather than spin our minds crazy into work cause #yolo
and… well, I don’t really know why… the work never seems so bad once I start… getting started is one of life’s up hill battles.
Ya hearin me, I got dis.. breaking down procrastination one brownie at a time.

Wait a minute… brownies. They popped right in there didn’t they! (poor segue bec… poor segue).
Well, whilst we are on the brownie topic lemme explain the delicious circumstances at the beginning of a not-so-regrettful procrastination sesh. IMG_9825-3So as I was, like most days, just chillin at ma desk staring out the window like ‘hmm I like those blossoms in Spring’ (yep, instead of doing study), and then brain jumped from one thing to another and BAM 20 minutes had passed… as it does….THEN my brain jumped and was all thinkin’ about food and all, as it does.
I was at brownies, then cookies, then brownie cookies, then caramel, then dulce de leche, then brownies and dulce de leche, then the magic of brownie dulce de leche cookie sandwiches.
Man! What a cool mental food journey. Sariously, pretty productive huh?

Procrasti-dreamin turned into procrasti-baking… and that’s a good thing. allllways a good thing.
And thus, these bad boys were born.

And as it goes, the theme of this weeks Student Blogger Series theme is the Procrastibaking Student Blogger – Oh how fitting!
But sadly it is the last instalment of this series (someone pass me a tissue..) But have no fear! All those gorgeous and creative blogs are still gonna be posting recipes and ideas for all to see, ain’t it nice! Brownie Ducle de Leche Cookie SandwichesAnnnnd if you were like me a few months ago you’d be like ‘what on earth is this dulce de leche business, and why haven’t I heard about it till now!’ So i’ll lay out this awesomeness for ya. (But I’m not gonna try and pronounce it…. cause i’ll sound like a fool I tell you, a fool)
Think milky caramel, which comes about from our good friend sweetened condensed milk. Where we slowly heat it to form possibly the easiest form of caramel (you’ll remember my caramel woes from this post) and Bobs your uncle! dulce de lecheBrownie Ducle de Leche Cookie SandwichesAnyyyways, enough beating around the bush from me, here’s the recipe!


(recipe adapted from Donna Hay, Dulce de Leche recipe from, and Buttercream from ‘The Doctor’s Dishes, Desserts & Decor’)


Brownie Cookies
200g dark chocolate, chopped
150g milk chocolate chips
40g butter
2 eggs
⅔ cup (150g) caster (superfine) sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
¼ cup (35g) plain (all-purpose) flour, sifted
¼ teaspoon baking powder, sifted

Dulce de Leche
2 x 395g cans sweetened condensed milk

Dulce de Leche Buttercream
3/4 cup prepared dulce de leche
1 cup butter, room temperature
3 Tablespoons heavy cream
1 Tablespoon vanilla essence
4 cups powdered sugar pinch of salt

Dulce de Leche
1. Preheat oven to 220°C. Pour condensed milk into a heatproof baking dish, and cover with foil. Place dish in a roasting pan. Pour water into pan to come halfway up the side of dish.
2. Bake in the oven, refilling the pan with water if necessary, for 1 hour 45 minutes or until dark golden.
3. Whisk the mixture until smooth. Pour into a 500ml (2-cup) capacity sterilised jar and seal. Once opened, store in the fridge.

Brownie Cookies
1. Preheat oven to 180°C (350°F). Place the dark chocolate and the butter in a small saucepan over low heat and stir until melted and smooth. Set aside.
2. Place the eggs, sugar and vanilla in the bowl of an electric mixer and whisk for 15 minutes or until pale and creamy. Stir through the flour, baking powder, chocolate mixture and chocolate chips, and allow to stand for 10 minutes.
3. Spoon small tablespoonfuls of the mixture, at a time, onto baking trays lined with non-stick baking paper. 4. Bake for 8–10 minutes or until puffed and cracked. Allow to cool completely on trays.

Dulce de Leche Buttercream
1. Cream together butter and dulce de leche on low using an electric mixer.
2. Add cream and vanilla and beat on medium speed until smooth. Add the powdered sugar and beat to incorporate.

(P.S. this is gonna make a whole lotta buttercream… so store in the fridge for your next batch or simply use to finish off your favourite cupcakes or cake! …if you haven’t eaten the buttercream straight with a spoon already :P )   Brownie Ducle de Leche Cookie SandwichesBrownie Ducle de Leche Cookie Sandwichesand yes, I tried the whole Linda Lomelino floral prop thang, and I still think Linda’s the ultimate master! Better luck next time Bec.

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Allllll of this deliciousness was thanks to procrastination! See, it’s kinda a good thing… possibly one of the best things.

Also, just a big thanks and high-five to all the gorgeous bloggers who partook in this delicious series – you’re all the biggest champs!
And an especially big thank-you to the wonderful Ala from Wallflour Girl for putting together the whole series :)
Hope you enjoyed it folks!

P.S. If you wanna see what other goodies I whip up in procrastination, the recipe are here, here and here
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Sunday Funday

breakfast in bedBy nature, and of course due to sleep deprivation and a whole lotta relax time needed, I am 100% a weekend kid.
But I mean, who isn’t
Sleep ins? Haaala.
Lazy brunches? Haala.
Time to hang with the gang aka friends? Haaala x1000

spring blossomsMonday, don’t get me wrong, your pretty fun and all with your early mornings (sarcasm intended), but weekends just always seem to deliver the goods. Speaking of which, I must give Melbourne a well deserved pat on the back, you’ve been outstanding to us over the past few weeks… it may be raining and cold throughout the week, but by the time Saturday and Sunday roll around the sun is ready to come out to play. High-five!

The weekdays are pretty cray cray, so I always aim (emphasis on aim… wether I make it or not is a whole new ball game) to finish all my uni work by Sunday, so I can really kick back, and chill like a chin-chilla…
cause that’s the only way to chill, ya know it bra.

breakfast in bedSo last Sunday, life was pretty sweet. The sun was shining (high-five x2 Melbourne) and Spring was in the air.
(and p.s. the blinds in my room are broken so I had sun ray galore just glowing on in.)
Naturally, I was like; “Bec, go on, have breaky in bed, let’s go all out”. And you know what? That’s what I did… and it twas good.
(despite the sore throat, enter: lime in hot water)

So I kicked back with a good book, a bowl o’ yoghurt & berries, and a lime tea to soothe the throat. It always seems to do the trick.
And BAM! I’m all set for a day of more chin-chillin.

cause “that’s the way, a ha a ha I liiiikkke it, a ha a ha” 
(no, i’m not just putting words i think are relevant into quotation marks to make you think I’m not a complete psycho… it’s a song… one that is so catchy I tell ya)

spring blossomsAhhhhh gotta love them weekend feels.

And, you know as they say;
“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content“.

^^^ I like dat, I like it a lotbreakfast in bed

What did you get up to this weekend?
Hope you all had a relaxing and rejuvenating time!


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The Student Blogger Series; The On-the-Go Student ~ Salted Caramel Popcorn Trail Mix Bars

Salted Caramel Popcorn Trail Mix BarsYou know what I just realised?
Despite me chatting on about this new exciting student blogger series in a previous post, it looks like I’ve told you nothing about my studentish life at uni! (apart from the fact that I’m as ‘broke as a bee without honey’… but that bit is pretty obvious according to my moaning wallet).

So i’m gonna be real boring and lay it all out ‘speed dating style’, bare with me…
I’m a first year Uni student studying Nursing and Midwifery and loving it 150%!
It’s noice and hands on from the get go, which suits me to a T.
Placement is already coming up and the course is flying by in the best way possible!

(Wow, I feel like we already know each other so much better! Next step, secret handshake. Yah know it bra.)

Salted Caramel Popcorn Trail Mix BarsAnyways friends, this weeks theme for the student blogger series is recipes perfect for students on the go.
Enter snack heaven.

Soooo as ya do, at Uni I always feel peckish mid-morning in the awkward time between breakfast and lunch, it’s too late to be an extended breaky, and too early to be lunch,  AND I’m dashing between classes….as you can see, not much time to smash my face with food.

Desperate times call for desperate measures … AKA Salted Caramel Popcorn Trail Mix Bars!

Caramel for that sugary energy burst, a few oats and seeds in there for good measure, popcorn for a fun crispy crunch, and chocolate chips cause… well, you know… (no explanation needed). Plus easy munchy bar size, so I can eat it in 3 noms… AS I run to a lecture.
Now, I can safely say, my awkward (and loud) uni belly rumbles have been solved!
Everybody take the day off.

Salted Caramel Popcorn Trail Mix BarsLet’s turn to caramel for a second shalllllll we?
Really, cooking anything involving caramel on a stove top fa-fa-fa-reaks me out.
Maybe it’s the small window, where it’s like; 1 second caramel perfection, nec minut you’ve got a burnt pot that is gonna be the biggest pain in the ‘you know what’ to clean up.
You don’t wanna cross me when i’m honing in on a caramel… i’m like a ticking time bomb…
That is until it’s all cooked and good, then bam i’m happy as larry again.

But seriously. Caramel, you’re my kryptonite.
Luckily for us caramel battlers, the legendary Naomi from Baker’s Royal has you sorted on how to make a caramel sauce, you da best Naomi!

AND if you’re the silliest klutz that ever lived like me, you’ll be so in the ‘caramel moment’ you’ll forget to grease the tin then be forced into the chin stroking dilemma of how to remove caramel popcorn from a tin in the smoothest way possible….
…now i’m just making things hard for myself. It’s really beyond me how I got them out!
Moral of the story… grease ya tinnnns

Salted Caramel Popcorn Trail Mix BarsALSO, now this is a little fun… we have marshmallows in the caramel, wooooo!
annnnnd with a recipe calling for just white marshmallows all i could muster up to buy was the white AND pink pack … no plain white marshmallow packets for bec..
So, as an avid pink marshmallow avoider, I’ve put myself in the pickle of having a wholllle lotta pink marshmallows up in ma grill…
any tips for using them?/ alternative ways to put them in the trash…. I’m open.

Onto a lighter note…
These bars are sweet with a salty balance, crispy, crunchy and chocolatey in allllll the right places.
As my sister describes it; ‘gooey goodness’ and as I say ‘moorish to the max‘.
All up, it’s all you’ll need for you mid-morning snack (or late night tea accompanier).

Enough blabbing from me, it’s snackin’ time!

Salted Caramel Popcorn Trail Mix BarsSALTED CARAMEL TRAIL MIX BARS
(recipe adapted from Shutterbean)

12 cups plain popped popcorn
1 cup salted peanuts, chopped
1 1/3 cup rolled oats
1 cup chocolate chips
2/3 cup seed mix
1/2 cup water
2 cups sugar
1 teaspoon kosher salt, plus more for sprinkling
2/3 cup thick cream
2 cups miniature white marshmallows

1. Coat a 9 x 13″ baking dish with cooking spray.
2. In a large bowl, toss together popcorn, peanuts, rolled oats, 2/3 cup chocolate chips, seeds.
3. In a medium saucepan, bring sugar, 1 teaspoon salt, and 1/2 cup water to a boil over medium high.  Boil, undisturbed, until mixture is amber in color–8-12 minutes.  Remove pan from heat and slowly pour in cream (mixture will sputter).  Immediately add marshmallows; stir until melted.
4. Pour caramel mixture over popcorn mixture and quickly stir with a rubber spatula to coat.
5. Transfer mixture to the baking dish, pressing down to form a flat surface. Sprinkle over a heavy dose of kosher salt, then the rest of the chocolate chips
6. Let cool completely before cutting into bars.

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Salted Caramel Popcorn Trail Mix Bars
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Exciiiiiiiting News!

Howdy there folks!
I’d like say long time no talk, but really I only posted 2 days ago… there ya go, a procrastinator like me already back in the posting game 48 hrs later, who would’ve thought!

Annnnnyways, your probably a little bit curious and wondering why on earth I would title a post ‘Exciiiiiting News’… it leaves a bit to the imagination so I won’t keep it from you too long.

blog photo collage 1Kidding, I lied, I won’t keep it from you for any longer at all friends, because;
A) I may or may not have hours of Uni work callin’ ma name… and I can only say “please be quiet” to them for so long (okay, well maybe I say it a little more aggressively then that… but then assignments don’t talk… so just forget that.. bare with me.. I’m going blame the sleep deprivation k?)
and B) it’s pretty darn exciting!

Daisy and the Fox is a finalist for the 2014 Blogster Awards

Now how cray cray is that!

Anywho, if you think Daisy and the Fox is a “worthy lurking ground”, jump on over to the Daisy and the Fox profile to vote!
As well as vote for all the other ah-maz-ing blogs that are up there as well, man there’s some serious talent out there!

Blogster-blog-badgeMassive hugs and virtual cookies being sent your way in advance chums!
And the biggest thank-you to everyone who has support this little foodie contribution to the internet over the last few years :D
You make ma blog world go round! And keep me inspired and upbeat to continue this fun little creative space, where anything goes :)
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The Student Blogger Series; The Starving Student ~ Homemade Spaghetti with Garlic, Chilli & Herbs

Homemade Spaghetti with Garlic, Chilli and HerbsI’m a pretty lucky kid.
I live at home with the ‘rents and get my washing done for free.
Yeah, it’s all pretty chill, there’s no complaints here.
(Muchus gracias mum and dad by the way!)

Homemade Spaghetti with Garlic, Chilli and HerbsAlthough, ya know, every now and then I have to dive into the moola to fuel a sometimes always pit-less stomach.
And you know what this means?
I need cheapness. A whole lottttta cheapness.

I like to say that i’m ‘frugality at it’s finest‘ when it comes to money, which is kinda true….
Yes, I do bring a packed lunch to Uni.
Yes, I sometimes eat my breakfast before going to a cafe for a breakfast meet up , so I can save money. (where I end up just sitting there feeling dumb and sorry for myself sipping on my peppermint tea (why am i even paying for leaves in water…. Note to self; bring tea from home) )
and Yes, I certainly do put my foot on the clutch and car into neutral going down any hills to save petrol…. cause well let’s be honest, that stuff ain’t cheap, and nobody got time for dat.Homemade Spaghetti with Garlic, Chilli and HerbsSo, when push comes to shove, and my bank account is like “Beccccccccc yo givin’ me a bashin, lay off the unnecessary junk that you think you need, but buy anyway cause your life motto is stupidly ‘yolo‘” (yes my bank account talks gangsta, what of it)

In response, I go into lockdown mode. (Well not literally, but the wallet sure seals up for a week at my best)

This budget friendly (and uber delicious) Homemade Spaghetti with Garlic, Chilli & Herbs.
Homemade Spaghetti with Garlic, Chilli and HerbsBut you’re probably all wondering about the title of this mysterious ‘Student Blogger Series’ mischief  i’m guessing.
Well my friends, this is an exciting collaborative series with a few other wonderfully talented cooking fanatics (headed up by the wonderfully sweet Wallflour Girl ). Get round it pals, this is gonna be drool worthy 3 weeks alongside these other talented cooks! (links below)
Soooooo this weeks theme was budget (hence the title ‘The Starving Student’, annnnd my random shbeel above).

Pasta was first thing that came to mind that was a common staple to most. It is cheap, easily accessible AND scrumptious (yep, it is possible to eat cheap without compromising flavour, you heard it here first ).

And believe it or not, but I literally spent around $10 all up shopping for this meal that serves 4. (Taking into account having the basic ingredients at home; eggs, garlic, olive oil).
homemade spaghetti But far out folks, this is one cracking pasta dish.
And the secret?

Simple. Homemade pasta goodness!
It literally makes a world of difference, I tell no lie.
It’s light (so we can eat more, woooo), quick to cook and literally makes just about any sauce sing to its heart’s content.
With a sauce that relies on soul and all manner of simplicity, so every little nook and cranny of flavour shines, and boy is it good.

I made this for lunch on Sunday, and came home in the evening raring for more. I could pretty much hear the pasta welcoming me home.
But no. Dad and the bro had literally consumed the whole other 3 servings of pasta themselves.
To say my stomach was fuming at the is an understatement…

But we’re gonna pick ourselves up, and I just guess I’m gonna have to make it again… what. a. pity. :P
Homemade Spaghetti with Garlic, Chilli and Herbs
Homemade Spaghetti with Garlic, Chilli & Herbs

400g ‘OO’ Flour
4 eggs
6 garlic cloves
2 fresh chilli, cut in half, seeds removed
1/3 cup olive oil
3/4 cup sliced almonds
1 cup fresh parsley
1 cup fresh mint
2 lemon worth of juice (+ more to garnish)
salt and pepper to season
parmesan grated to serve

1. Place the flour and eggs in a food processor and blitz until ball of dough is formed.
2. Knead the dough for around 2 minutes, then cover in plastic wrap and leave to rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
3. Cut the pasta dough into quarters. On a floured surface flatten one of the quarters slightly, then run through the widest setting on your pasta maker. (1 being widest, 6 thinest). Work your way up the widths, making sure the dough remains intact and smooth. Be sure to continually dusting flour over the dough and on top of the presser helps to make sure the dough doesn’t stick. (As the dough becomes longer and longer, and therefore harder to handle, I find to easier to cut it in half at width 4 and then continue).
4. Run the thinned dough through the spaghetti cutter, then dust generously with more flour then set aside on a lined baking tray. Repeat this with the remaining dough.
5. Toast the sliced almonds on a fry pan, until golden, then remove the nuts from pan, setting aside for the final assembly.
6. Blitz the garlic and chill in a food processor, until in very small pieces, then heat the oil on a large frying pan. Add the garlic and chilli mix, and cook, stirring, for around 5.
7. Turning the heat to low, add the homemade spaghetti, and toss to fully coat the pasta in the olive oil garlic chilli mixture. (if there seems that a little more olive oil is needed, don’t be afraid to add a good glug on to coat it all nicely). Season with salt & pepper and the juice of 2 lemons, then toss through the herbs and almonds.
8. Serve fresh off the pan, with another good coating in pepper, a wedge of lemon, and of course a generous handful parmesan.

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Orange Zucchini Bread via Blahnik Baker
Homemade Spaghetti with Garlic, Chilli and Herbs
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Tasting Spring ~ Lime & Coconut Loaf Cake

lime and coconut loaf cakeOn the weekend, us Melbournians had a little taste of Spring … and boy was it good.
Just putting it out there.. to the future incoming weather; let’s keep the warmness coming, it was well received and I promise I’ll welcome it with open arms!
IMG_8983-4So as Sunday calls for a little baking sesh, I knew, as most days, I was in the mood for cake (that part’s not hard to figure out).
But what took me forever though, was actually figuring out what to bake.
It’s weird, when I’m too busy to cook I know exactly what I feel like, but the moment I’m just hanging about and pretty much swinging from fridge trying to figure out what to make, i got nothin’. NADA.
(ahh classic first world problems).
lime and coconut loaf cakeBut then I sat myself down, and said to myself, nope, as sad as it is, I’ve moved on from wintery flavours for now and am feeling like a fresh and Spring suited lil’ somethin’ somethin’.
Then it hit me.
Lime & Coconut.
Fresh, light, classic and totally suitable in cake form.
(Almost) Spring kick-off perfection I’ll say!lime and coconut loaf cakeThis cake is moist (i’m gonna say that annoying word once more…) MOIST.
And that’s cause it’s true.
It’s moist (there, I said it again, ooooops), fresh and full of the fresh spring flavours to help me imagine I’m kicking back on my own personal beach, sunning myself, and sipping a lime and coconut drink.

We’ll for now this is the closest I’ll get to that, but to be honest, with this cake by my side, I don’t mind so much!

(recipe adapted from Australian Good Taste – March 2011 , Page 29, Recipe by Gemma Luongo)

Melted butter, to grease
200g (1 1/3 cups) self-raising flour, sifted
155g (3/4 cup) caster sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
2/3 cup shredded coconut
150g butter, melted
3 eggs
125ml (1/2 cup) fresh lime juice
1 tablespoon finely grated lime rind
2/3 cup coconut chips, toasted

Candied Lime:
1 1/2 cups (330g) sugar
2 cups (500ml) water
2 limes, thinly sliced

3 tablespoons lime juice
1 cup icing sugar, sifted

1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Brush an loaf tin with melted butter and line with non-stick baking paper.
2. Process flour, sugar, baking powder and coconut in a food processor for 20 seconds.
Add butter, eggs, lime juice and lime rind. Process until well combined.
3. Pour into the pan and smooth the surface. Bake for around 50 minutes, or until skewer inserted into centre comes out clean.
Set aside for 5 minutes to cool slightly. Transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.
4. Once cooled completely, pour over the glaze, sprinkle over some of the coconut chips, place on top the candied lime, then sprinkle some more toasted coconut on top to finish it off and enjoy!

To make the candied lime;
Place sugar in a saucepan with water and bring to the boil over high heat, stirring until sugar dissolves. Add lime slices and cook in saucepan for 10 minutes or until softened and translucent. Transfer the lime slices to a baking tray lined with baking paper, discarding the syrup.

To make the glaze;
Stir together the lime juice and icing sugar until well combined.
lime and coconut loaf cakelime and coconut loaf cakelime and coconut loaf cakelime and coconut loaf cake
Hope you all are having a wonderful week!
Thanks for stopping by daisy-and-the-fox-sign-off

Life According to Instagram

floralsgranola breakfast cafebreakfast and booksmashed avocado cafeflower shopkale halloumi squash saladmeatballs and ciabattastudy essentialspumpkin halloumi quoina saladHow you going friends? I know I last posted 6 days ago… but for some reason that feels like yonks… weird huh.
Maybe it’s because i’ve been slightly snowed in with uni work, which has caused my mind to go off to a different planet for the week, which is highly likely.

Anyways… onto more interesting things;
Having a slight dry patch in terms of posts lying ready to be posted, I thought I would share some of my recent adventures eats from the eyes of my instagram.
The best way I can think to title the photo slamming you just got is;

‘welcome to the land of  food and florals’

Because …
a) who doesn’t like food… (sorry, dumb question)
b) florals smell nice, are colourful and remind me of spring… that’s a good enough excuse, right?
and c) combining the two just seems to make sense… amma right or amma right?

Pretty much, according my instagram, i’ve been devouring copious amounts of cafe meals and smelling the sweet scent of blooming florals.
Looking back on it, it’s been a pretty good last few weeks!

P.S. yes, in more than one of food shots you may or may not of noticed that halloumi was just chillin in the salads… as you can probably tell once more, I’m having a massive obsession with it. I just can’t help it, it keeps calling my name, and I’m too nice to say no it tastes too damn good.

Hope you’re all having a fantabulous week and catch ya on the flip!



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